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    2011 A3 2.0 TDI for sale. Black/Black 115K mi $750

    For $750 we can find out 😎🤣👍 if this is for real, someone can probably get a great parts car at a minimum. Maybe even resurrect it for a reasonable sum.
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    Occasionally spit & sputter problem at cold start.

    My ‘11 A3 TDI did this for the first time this winter after single digit temps and a fuel-up where I normally go. I put PowerServ silver bottle in (not the red 911) and it hasn’t happened since.
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    Airplay for 2015 Audi TDI

    A few people on the FB groups have mentioned a dash/screen replacement that they liked. Ali express or Amazon or eBay may have them. I’m contemplating it but haven’t decided which one and from where. here’s the first one that came up for me on Ali express - I have zero experience with this unit...
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    2014 Q5 TDI - N214 coolant circulation valve ??

    Maybe call FCP Euro and see if they can lookup that part by N214 or “Coolant Circulation Valve”. They seem to have good parts lists when you call them.
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    2014 Q5 TDI - N214 coolant circulation valve ??

    EDIT: I’m wrong about the below. i replaced the N82 for cabin heat problems. I wonder is yours is the thermostat built into the oil filter housing? original post: I replaced that on my Q7 when winter came and I had no cabin heat. It’s under the left front fender skirt (I guess better to say...
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    Anyone know where the iPod adapter is ..

    My ‘11 has an aux jack under the armrest.
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    Missed DSG fluid and filter changes at 80,000 and 120,000 miles

    The EPA mandated diesel warranty doesn’t cover your DSG. carfax may not show those services unless they were done at the dealer. Always assume the previous owner neglected fluids. if it shifts well and drives well go for it, change the fluid and roll the dice like the rest of the used car...
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    Bought a 2015 A3 TDI a month ago

    Start by putting your VIN into this AUDI site (use ALL CAPS or it WONT WORK). (REMEMBER TO TYPE YOUR VIN IN ALL CAPS) This will tell you all of the details about your EPA fix and the coverage timeframes. This link will tell you what's covered under the court...
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    Might Buy an A3 TDI 2011 with 80k Miles...

    I have an ‘11 A3 TDI as well. Love it. Sold my ‘09 JSW MT6 for this. No regrets on going from stick to DSG. the DSG “e-tronic” transmission requires filter/fluid service every 40K. if you have a fill kit and vagcom it’s not bad to DIY on a Saturday or some evening. Bottom drain then bottom fill...
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    High mileage Q7's

    I think ours had 130K miles when we. Ought it and am About 260K miles now. Do all my own work after EPA warranty ended. Parts are more expensive than my MK5 TDI but that’s OK. It’s worth it to me. Had a Suburban and an Escalade before the Q7. Q7 wins hands down. Worth it. Love it. notworthy...
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    Old parts from warranty claims

    Only if you pay for the parts. If so they are required to give you the old ones if you ask before they do the work. For warranty work they usually need to send them back. Common in the repair biz (maybe even a law in most states?)
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    Curious coolant leak

    Ps make sure to enter your VIN in all caps otherwise it won’t find it.
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    Curious coolant leak

    Worth checking your VIN at it’s good for 4years or 48k miles after the fix. My ‘09 TDI had warrant until 380k miles based on when the fix was done.
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    Curious coolant leak

    How many miles are on it? When was the fix done?
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    Curious coolant leak

    The EGR cooler in the valley likes to leak on these. Covered under EPA Repair warranty if you have any left.
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    Lift for TDI Sportwagen (for oversize tires)

    Your best option is probably this: They already figured out what’s needed and what works and they have great support. Call them and they can guide you through what all you need...
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    q7 winter tires

    What part of the country are you in (and what’s your winter like… deep snow? Ice?) We use all season Michelin’s on ours all winter in Ohio. If we were in Quebec we’d use studded snow tires all winter. On my Jetta SportWagen (FWD) I drove all over the Midwest and northeast in the winter so I...
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    Where to find injector seals for 3.0L TDI? One of mine have failed

    The seals and new "always replace" bolt are dirt cheap from the dealer - let them lookup your VIN and order the exact right one. Mine showed up at the dealer a day later.
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    3.0 CR TDI - Exhaust Leak from manifold gasket?

    @seBEASTian -- looks like injector seal leaks to me, too. I have one I'm planning to do -- just got the slide hammer kit from Amazon and all 3 of the seals (copper, o-ring, and tiny o-ring) plus a replacement TTY bolt from the dealer today. Many have said if you don't replace the...
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    My '13 Titanium S-Line A3

    Nice stuff! I have an ‘11 A3 S-Line Titanium Black Optics. Your “done list” is my “to-do/wish list” curious - does the DSG tune change the behavior when coasting to a stop? Mine feels like it doesn’t disengage to “neutral” like I used to do on my MT6 TDI JSW. That’s my only complaint about the...