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  1. sc00byd00311

    What ramps do you guys use for your MKVI?

    I also like bmwm5's ramps. I read the reviews for those rhino ramps and there are just waaaaay too many failures of those things. And there is at least one post on this thread for them too. Nah man, I'm going to home depot and getting me some wood. Thanks all!
  2. sc00byd00311

    just curious about clutch safety switch?

    That's the thing, lol. Thanks Andy!
  3. sc00byd00311

    just curious about clutch safety switch?

    Shouldn't be a problem There is at least one other thread on this (probably dozens), but a very reputable member Oilhammer chimed in on and said that is isn't a problem, it's just a dummy switch so you don't accidentally start it in gear. He went on to say that it's actually better to start...
  4. sc00byd00311

    Kansas Chat Thread

    Hello friends :) Anyone want to let me borrow their factory locking lug key for a day or two? A shop in Wichita accidentally pocketed mine and I want my new tires installed asap. Will let you hold my cell or cc as collateral.
  5. sc00byd00311

    2005 BEW PD lift pump operation and internals

    Another successful pump change thanks to you guys for the advice and help and TDIWagonGuy for the cheapest pumps available ($300 from local parts stores!). Mine died after I changed the fuel filter, I saw one other post with a similar story, so I thought i'd add my experience. Buttoned...
  6. sc00byd00311

    04 bew cranks so slow!!!!!!!

    curios OP, did a new starter resolve the issue?
  7. sc00byd00311

    Parking brake cable upgrade

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. You guys are so freaking awesome. I was so paranoid about the new parts and doing my cables for the first time but this made it so painless. I am definitely ordering the license plate frame and tdi stickers to support the club a little and when...
  8. sc00byd00311

    Parking brake cable supersede

    Thanks for the reply Power Hound. I bought all the crap that 1stvwparts sold me. I am really glad they called me to let me know about the new accessory parts but they sold me a clip that holds the metal tubes to the frame, obviously not needed. All in all, I only spent just over a hundred with...
  9. sc00byd00311

    Parking brake cable supersede

    op, did you do the procedure yet? Just bought my stuff a week or so ago and may be attempting it tomorrow.
  10. sc00byd00311

    How to increase MPG?

    Replace them vacuum hoses yet?
  11. sc00byd00311

    2003 TDI Oil Filter wrench - Pepboys $10 76mm x 14 flutes

    lol, ya, this thread migrated a little bit, think I may have slightly hijacked. I bought the Metalnerd wrench for the A4 from idparts and it fits...but a little too loose for my taste. Only $6 more and it supports the club. Just looked it up and because it is 74 through 76mm, it fits more...
  12. sc00byd00311

    Clutch life?

    Same same. Asked my guru on pre-purchase inspection and he said they can go 300k easy if you aren't riding it all the time. Mine was a company vehicle and I was concerned, but soon allayed.
  13. sc00byd00311

    How to re & re the starter

    Thanks for the report back! I think i'm gonna try that grease next time!
  14. sc00byd00311

    2003 TDI Oil Filter wrench - Pepboys $10 76mm x 14 flutes

    Thanks for the insight. I read an article/research done by Blackstone Labs on magnetic drain plugs. Findings show they work, but just slightly better than not having one. Look for that Blackstone article Hell ya, good to know it's been going without needing to pull it. Have you ever done a...
  15. sc00byd00311

    Help with rear brake bolt part numbers.

    Glad this came up, I have been looking to do some maint work and I like to follow mfg recommendation on replacing the bolts when specified (except the battery tray hold down bolt, that is just ludicrous). I went as far as to read the proceedures in the Bentley, but I didn't find part numbers for...
  16. sc00byd00311

    ***The Driving Game*** - picture scavenger hunt v2

    just waitin til i get off work so I can get some pretzels. And yes :)
  17. sc00byd00311

    2003 TDI Oil Filter wrench - Pepboys $10 76mm x 14 flutes

    I've been kind of curious about this too. I'm totally going to use the pela pump for the most part, but is it a good idea to do an old fashion drain plug drop very xth oil change?
  18. sc00byd00311

    Transmisson dog-bone rubberized mount

    Awesome o-possume, Wingnut wins again. Will have to try this soon!