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    Standyne Performance Additive FREE !!!

    -The Standyne / PS are gone. -There is a sale pending on the Cat fuel filter. -The Avus rims are still available. There are currently no pics of the wheels available. I am going out of town shortly for the 4th. I'll snap some pics when I return. Mike
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    Standyne Performance Additive FREE !!!

    I recently traded my Jetta TDI and I have a full half gallon and part of another half gallon of Standyne Performance formula left. I also have some Power Service Winter. I will give these away free to any TDICLUB member who wants to come and get them. The only catch for taking the Standyne is...
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    FS: 2004 Jetta GLS TDI -Very Sharp Car-

    For Sale: 2004 Jetta GLS TDI, 35,600 miles as of 6/7/06 Car is in flawless condition with only one bumper ding from parking Garaged from day one Regular waxing with Meguiars NXT (including door jambs) 4 oz. Standyne Performance with every tank Amoco / BP Premier Diesel exclusively (Elmhurst)...
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    Chicago (city) BP Premium Diesel

    Also, last month I purchased a used 2002 Beetle TDI w/ 65k miles and I took it to the Autobarn (Evanston) for an inspection. They told me I needed a new timing belt, water pump & the sub frame (they said it was bent). All this needed to be done ASAP according to them. They also told me that VW...
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    Would you still own a VW if there were no TDIs?

    I would own a VW gasser, I have owned 4 before (2 GTIs and a VR6 Jetta, and a Golf) this TDI and I have enjoyed every one of them. If I could afford one, I would buy an Audi (an A4 TDI would be really nice). GM quality seems to be up, therefore, if GM offered something practical and affordable...
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    HELP! Blown Turbo? Blown Seal? Shredded TB? MAF?

    That was exactly my thought. Until I started hearing about this failure more and more. Mine was a little more unusual because the turbo disintegrated, where most of the stories I have heard involve the turbo just getting stuck of being off center. I don't want to get rid of my car, I really...
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    HELP! Blown Turbo? Blown Seal? Shredded TB? MAF?

    As posted, a very similiar thing happend to me with my 04 PD with Automatic. The turbo actually blew up and the bits of turbo lodged themselves into the intercooler and on to the pistons. I ended having to have a new engine, turbo, intercooler and all intake plumbing replaced. Would have been...
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    Blown Turbo at 25K Miles

    Well, I guess yes and no. I brought it to Autobarn Mount Prospect, IL. One of three times (5, 10, 20k) they put Castrol Syntec in my PD, BUT with that HUGE exception, they have been excellent, and that includes today. They told me it was a new parts guy who gave the tech. the wrong oil. OK...
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    Blown Turbo at 25K Miles

    Just springs, 17" tires, performance exhaust. I was just about to do the Stage I Rocketchip, but have not done it yet.
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    Blown Turbo at 25K Miles

    This morning, while driving to work, I noticed a severe power loss, eventually slowing me down to 30-35 MPH with foot to the floor. During this time, there was massive smoke coming from the back of the car and the engine was very, very loud both at idle and under load. Fortunately, I was close...
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    My white tdi wagon

    MFA Clusters are not available on A4 Jetta TDIs in North America. I believe that the GLI 1.8T model has it as standard. The GLX model also had it standard.
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    TDI Fest - Last Minute Registrations?

    Oops, make that for Check-in Saturday, not registration, as I have already registered for the Fest!!
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    TDI Fest - Last Minute Registrations?

    Ed, I'll be coming from Madison Saturday morning. Do I have to go to Ft. Atkinson to register? Or can I just come to Lake Mills? Mike Bergschneider
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    Good diesel around Des Plaines, IL

    I work in DesPlaines and fill up exclusively at the Elmhurst BP. They just installed new Diesel pumps where you can pay at the pump. The PD runs great on that stuff. For me, it is worth the quick 15 minute drive down I294 every 500 miles, at least until we get ULSD next year. Mike
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    506.01 more fuel efficient?

    SUN, I am intrigued by the improvement in fuel economy with the 506.01, but is it at the expense of lubrication? With the 0W-30 of the 506.01 vs. the 5W-40 of the 505.01, won't there be a thinner oil film with the 0W-30 oil? I am interested in using the 506.01 for the economy, but do not...
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    My "new" 2002 Jetta

    Re: My \"new\" 2002 Jetta Great looking Jetta! If I were you, I would go to the following site and look at other tailights, crystal or euro smoked, there is something not right about those Altezzas on a VW. Just my opnion.
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    Venting capacity – reserve warning light faith

    I can fit 2.5 - 2.6 gallons after the pump shuts off automatically. I fill it until I can see the fuel level in the filler. This gives me a little over a 17 gallon capacity.
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    Dealer thread that uses wrong oil..

    The Autobarn Mt. Prospect, IL May 17, 2005 The part number on the invoice was for the regular synthetic, verified by the parts dept. This one surprises me as I watched the dealer do the first two oil changes (5K, 10K) and they used the correct oil without being told. Then, I dropped it off for...
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    Low MPG???

    I have an '04 Jetta Tiptronic. I know the transmissions are as different as night and day. Yours has an EPA city rating of 36MPG, mine is 33MPG. My lifetime average with 18K+ mikes is 30.1 now. When I first got it, I was only getting 28 - 30MPG. Recently, I have been getting 34-35 on the...