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    SOLD: 2003 Wagon with 5 speed, Mid-coast Maine, Piles of goodies, $3500:

    I'm interested. I'm nearby in North Central MA. Tried to DM you but it's blocked. Please DM me or email me at Thanks!
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    Audi Allroad TDI 6 speed manual Quattro, Ottawa, Ontario, 12800$CDn

    Sweet ride, excellent work. What kind of fuel mileage does it get?
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    2003 alh wagon 204k 5 speed make offer

    Thanks for the pics. Nice car. I like the color. Curious about some info in your original post. What do these mean? -Driver side fender was painted by VW -Have a tailgate and right fender to go with it Was the car in an accident or repainted under warranty for some reason? I wasn't...
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    2003 alh wagon 204k 5 speed make offer

    Do you really want to sell this car? If so, pictures are absolutely necessary. Many of us have asked for over a month. How about showing the car in person? I live about 4 hours north of Philly. Drive it up to me and I'll check it out. Definitely will buy if all is acceptable and my...
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    2003 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon Diesel VW TDI 1.9L

    I'm interested. Sent you an email from Craigslist.
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    2003 Jetta TDI wagon, Newfields, NH

    Talked to him yesterday. Car is sold. And not to me :mad: I was too late by a few hours.
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    02 5sp wagon, 03 5sp Wagon, 04 auto wagon

    If "might be sold" doesn't become "is", PM me on the 03.
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    for sale 2003 jetta wagon

    Pics Pics Pics!! Plenty of people here would be interested in this car (including me) if you can provide full pics. Interior, engine, better exterior. It's tough to gauge the firm asking price with two basic pics. In the East and Midwest prices of TDIs are much lower than historic prices...
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    WTB 2002-03 Jetta Wagon TDi Manual

    Not Applicable - Delete
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    2004 Jetta Wagon TDI 5spd Syracuse, NY I am stumped by the flat black roof. Can't be factory, right? And what's with the foam/insulation/hoses/???? coming out of the front lower area?
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    Syracuse NY area repair help

    Well I had no choice but to take the ole Jetta to the shop and get brakes done. Good news is the brakes were not as bad as I had feared (rear anyway, front were toast!) No other problems with the car which surprised me, but I will not complain. Been a great 7 year run with this car. Hopefully...
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    Syracuse NY area repair help

    Hi CNY - My 98 Jetta TDI needs brakes all around. I have the parts and most of the tools to do the job, but could really use a fellow TDI/VW enthusiast to help/teach me. I like to do most repairs myself and would like to meet other VW/TDI folks in the area too. I've never done a brake job...
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    Thanks for the tips. My first thought was the injection pump seals or something related to the fuel lines/system,not the coolant temp sensor. I haven't noticed any fuel leaking on the ground, but it could be. It only leaks while running and it's been raining here for days now so I haven't...
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    Comprehensive diagnosis for fuel economy?

    98 Jetta 50% reduction in mileage Hi, last week my Jetta would not start in the extremely cold weather here in the northeast. After much investigating I changed out all four glow plugs and now she fires up great, however I am now experiencing ~50% less in fuel mileage. Yes that is correct I...
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    Stay away from Ed Karpinski!!! (AKA Marcellus Street Garage) - Syracuse NY Just wanted to add that I just had a horrible experience with Ed Karpinksi at Marcellus Street Garage in Syracuse, NY. He basically called me stupid for following any advice I found online including Tdiclub. I am having...
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    Marcellus Street Garage is the place to go in Syracuse Just want to give a shout out to a mechanic on the list that is still doing great work here in CNY. I recently had my 98 Jetta TDi inspected and serviced by Ed Karpinski at Marcellus Street Garage in Syracuse. Nice guy and he knows his VWs...
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    CCV Tube Replacement (possible Group Buy)

    Anyone know if I can get one of these upgrades? I am on my second CCV breather hose in three years. The factory model is junk and I just assume replace it properly. Thanks!
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    A3 Jetta Factory Bra -- Great condition

    Bump. $10 come on and buy it.