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    North Central Illinois 2004 Passat TDI I will soon be moving so I need to put up my trusty 2004 Passat for sale. The timing belt maintenance is coming up very soon so I priced the car accordingly. I have had very few problems with the car and it continues to perform as well as the...
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    Rear wheel hot with burning smell

    I went for a short drive yesterday and when I returned I parked in the garage and noticed a slight burning smell and found the smell was coming from the rear passenger wheel as it was much warmer than the other wheels. I am thinking it is a wheel bearing as the car has 172m miles on it. I did...
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    BMW 335d

    Handling on wet roads I was wondering how the 335d handles on wet roads. I know I wouldn't want to have it on ice and snow but I was wondering it this would be a suitable car for southern Florida? Thanks Tom
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    Mechanic Carbondale Il area

    I am surprised that Southen Illinois is such a dead zone for VW.
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    Mechanic Carbondale Il area

    Does anyone know of a tdi mechanic around Carbondale, Il? My daughter has my 06 Jetta and I wondered about repairs of it should she need it. Thanks Tom
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    Can the BS be inspected during TB replace?

    Tom, I am curious as to the mileage you have on your Passats. I have 160m miles and will be doing a TB in 10m miles and am wondering the same thing. Thanks Tom
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    2003 TDI Beetle North Central Illinois

    2003 TDI Beetle Lowered to 4650.
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    2005 Passat or 2006 Jetta?

    I own both cars. 150m miles on the Passat and 110m miles on the Jetta. Both have been great reliable cars but the Passat is my favorite by far. It is such a great driver's car that really can spoil you. The fuel economy on the Passat has steadily climbed to almost 40 mpg per tank, whereas the...
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    2003 TDI Beetle North Central Illinois

    2003 TDI Beetle Lowered price to 4950.
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    2006 Jetta TDI manual Iowa

    I am considering trading my 06 Jetta in on a Passat. What are they giving you for a trade-in price?
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    I'd like your opinion on whether tdi ownership will benefit me financially

    I have not experienced the horrifying stories that are going around here. I have 142k on my car and have only had a few repairs beyond normal service (done at a VW dealership). Another local guy had over 400k six months ago. He too just did the maintenance and had a few extra problems.
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    Ordering New TDI Passat, Questions

    Dealer near Joliet Who was the dealer you ordered through?
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    AdBlue consumption

    dweisel Does this fit perfectly on your Benz?
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    MB R320 ?'s

    R320 Bluetec Back in 2009 when cash for clunckers killed Mercedes Benz sales, Mercedes discounted their remaining inventory of cars and SUV's by about $10m per vehicle. I tried to buy an R320 diesel but could not find one. I thought it was an ingeniously designed vehicle and with all wheel...