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    For Sale: '04 Golf TDI

    Gee, for these cars being to valuable on the used car market I'm supprised somebody didn't respond :confused: . Just kidding, the car is SOLD :D . Thanks Fred's TDI Club!
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    For Sale: '04 Golf TDI

    2004 Golf GL TDI w/ 5 spd Tiptronic; 99,500 miles Anthracite Blue / Grey Cloth Car is all OEM; I've added VW Avis wheels at 93,000 The GL for this year came pwr windows and locks, cruise, AC, CD & Cassette, ABS, etc. I have all service records from the dealer, myself, and 3rd party VW...
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    Panzer plate failed me! Need help on oil pan replacement ASAP

    Doesn't need to be a rock My OEM plastic wanna-be skid plate was removed by a frozen animal while traveling along 295 in Chicago. Been running naked for some time now. Perhaps I should order one of these plates.... Aluminum or Steel? That is the question.
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    Why does A/C use turn my car into Mr. Hyde?

    I Feel Your Pain First, something is wrong. Perhaps your compressor is bad and it's "dragging" applying an unnecessary strain on your engine. Find yourself a local VW expert if you are not one yourself. Amazing what these folks will find! More amazing when the problem goes away. Second...
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    VW507 Retail Locations

    Does this mean the oil may be used longer than the 10,000 change interval. Oh, lets say 15,000 since my car does not have the 'dirt' sensor.
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    Jacksonville, FL Shop/Mechanic

    Ok, now that I've found my SC mechanic, and I still have my all star pro mechanic in Tampa, I'd like to find someone running a shop in Jacksonville. Here is why: My wife is keeping her job in Tampa while I work for one perhaps two years in SC. Once or twice a month I will be traveling from SC...
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    VW finds oldest running VW diesel in CA

    The Big "Duh" The big "Duh" sales event is perfect for the VW / Hyundai dealership. VW celebrates 30 years by doing a diesel promotion yet they offer no diesels in present line-up beyond V-10 Guzzler. DUH! Since this is our only offer and it needs special oil, filters, mechanics, blessings...
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    Dealer wants our car

    Although I'm sure he was very nice, I doubt he would give you a nickle over trade for your car. Then his used car professional would walk around your car and tell you how it was scratched and tires were wore out, and there are stains on the floor mats and how unreliable the diesel is, how they...
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    A Tale of Two Jettas

    I'd stay away from the 5w-30 oil changed car. I have the Tiptronic and its great. Just don't expect steller MPG. I have an all time average of about 37 mpg.
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    Just drove an '03 1.8T, now wondering what's up with my car!

    If you've checked all the 'parts' and the alignment is within spec then IMO it's probably the tires. I've had so many tire issues with different cars that I cringe when it's time to buy tires. Different tread patterns, size, rim size, width, all effect the steering 'feel'. I've notticed that the...
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    Why does A/C use turn my car into Mr. Hyde?

    I sort of had this problem, but mine manifested as just not cooling down the interior - the AC that is. It was sluggish off the line and had some other strange issues. Turned out to be the main radiator fan. Now that's it replaced, all my "issues" went away. Your AC should not have any...
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    Bosal euro detachable hitch Groupbuy possability

    I'm a maybe. Depends upon the price. A4 Golf.
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    Looking For Mechanic in SC

    Feedback Ok, so I took my car to a place a called C&W Auto Repair. Here is the website: Owners name is Fred Carnes and his partner is Jim Wall. Both are ASE certified on VW's with many, many years of experience. His prices are fair and he was...
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    TDIClub Members to Assist Military Dependents

    Also In Sumter I'd be more than happy to perform oil changes and other basic service. You may contact me at: OR If in a serious hurry call 813-621-8078 and leave message. Can work in evening and some weekends. Prefer you bring car to me. 10...
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    Looking For Mechanic in SC

    Thanks for the info. I sort of was guessing the local dealer wouldn't be the place to have the car fixed. A co-worker at the Eaton plant gave me a lead on a retired VW mechanic that works out of his garage, or something like that. I'll go test the waters and post feedback.
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    Fuses on top of battery?

    My AC quit working last week. Called my mechanic in Tampa (help, I need a new mechanic: and he told me to check 1st fuse. Alas, all burned up at stab. Pulled, filed off carbon and returned to its place. AC works again! Question...