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    LED Headlight bulbs

    BTW I have re-polished my lenses a couple of time already so they are still very nice and clear.
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    LED Headlight bulbs

    Thanks everyone for your reply's, much appreciated!. Think I will just add a led light bar and call it a day as that was my first thought anyway but wanted to get opinions from this very knowledgeable group of people.
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    LED Headlight bulbs

    Just want to know from all the great people on this site which would be the best LED headlight bulb for a 2005 Jetta? I am in Saskatchewan Canada and we seem to have a lot of wildlife on the roads these days and I want to keep my nice little Jetta TDI from impacting a deer, or worse a moose.
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    Jetta Doesnt warm up when COLD

    I drive a 05 Jetta TDI (BEW) engine and live in Saskatchewan, I have every opening other than the intercooler covered on the front of my Jetta. Especially the lower grill area! It still takes a good 30 minutes of highway speed driving to get the temp gauge straight up and down in minus 32C...
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    Weak Handbrake no matter what?

    You can adjust the cable by taking our the center council where the hand brake lever is. There is a how too in myturbodiesel. Just a 10mm nut on the cables works loose over time. My cables came right out of the tensioner had no brake at all, my car is 05 Jetta and it was a very easy fix...
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    Ticking BEW ( video )

    You don't need a valve cover gasket. The rubber gasket is good for a number of removals. I have done mine 3 or 4 times in the last few years.
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    Drivers side park lights stay on

    My brother in-law has a 2000 Jetta TDI and he has a unusual problem as his drivers side park lights stay on all the time. He had a issue with the switch that controls the interior lights and he had that fixed and now has the issue with the park lights. He is bringing it here on the weekend and...
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    low beams do not work , DRL's do , high beams do work also

    Had the same issue as mjydrafter, high beams would go out all of a sudden. Low beams and DRL were fine. Turns out it was the dimmer switch on the steering column, replaced it and all is good and its been 2 years. I have a 05 Jetta TDI.
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    TDI Timing Belt & Water Pump Replacement

    Unless the people that did your prior TB changes paid strict attention to torque specs that motor mount could be stripped or well on it way. Inspect it very close on disassembly. Just did my B-inlaw's 2000 Jetta and of course the front mount was stripped and it was the 3rd belt in the car...
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    PD In-Tank Lift Pump - Where to Buy

    Defender-Tech sells just the motor for the pump as well. I did just the motor and bought a spare complete pump and so far the replacement motor in the pump is working just fine. Installed it in Aug and so far so good. I carry the spare pump in the trunk just in case. Not that hard to change...
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    extended cranking when warm

    Ok I will update the software, Thanks
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    extended cranking when warm

    When you guys had your issues with the CPS did it log a hard fault with a error code? I have a vag-com and I checked today and there are no codes. Where do I find the readings for the CPS on the vag-com? I will give this a try. Thanks
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    extended cranking when warm

    Thanks shuswap. I will give that a shot and see what happens. Will post back when I run the car again. Darn cold here so not taking it out till it warms up a bit. Minus 25C here now, man I love summer....
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    extended cranking when warm

    Thanks Dave, I had seen this on some other posts, I have a Vag Com so I will check and see if I can find anything weird with the sensor.
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    extended cranking when warm

    Anyone have any input on why my 05 Jetta PD would crank longer when warm as opposed to almost instant fire when cold? I replaced the in-tank lift pump just a few months ago thinking that could of been the issue but it still cranks for about 1.5 seconds when warm before it will start. Once...
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    Gas in Diesel

    I should of been more clear on the mixture, it was 12 liters of gas in about 22 liters of diesel, my concern was is there enough diesel to lube the injectors with that mix. Kind of a tough question to ask, but thought maybe someone else out there had the same sort of issue. Thanks all for your...
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    Gas in Diesel

    I had stopped at a station in my home town to add a bit of fuel, turns out they added 12 liters of gas instead of diesel. I did not realize this and drove off. I drove the car about 250 km (150 miles) stopped it and when I tried to start it again it would not start unless I held the acc peddle...
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    Bright/Dim Lever Headlights

    Not trying to hyjack this thread but just want to know if replacing the dimmer switch cured this problem. I am having the same issue with a 2005 Jetta TDI.
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    Front suspension

    dlb I checked the spring and it's not broken. Thinking is't the strut! Looking in the engine bay at the strut towers the passenger side is sticking up least a 1/2 higher than the drivers side. The car is 7 years old so it's time for the struts to be replaced anyway. Thanks for the reply's
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    Front suspension

    I have a 2005 Jetta TDI and today I noticed that the passenger side front is sitting about 1 inch lower than the drivers side. Could this be a weak spring or could it be a issue with the sway bar? Anyone else have this issue with these cars?