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    Egr cooling insufficient

    This is me again. You will be seeing my car on Friday for the DSG mech unit cover leak fix. I may be getting it over to your lot today or tomorrow. Bommarito is running the car again today to get another active regen to see if the DPF Regen frequency code gets thrown. They are making it...
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    OBD 2 App that works with mk 4?

    Does it have the options for displaying anything related to Regen or DPF pressures? Mainly what i am looking to read. I bought a cheap plug in last night that bluetooths to a phone app and it has those readings.
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    OBD 2 App that works with mk 4?

    How did you like this HUD?
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    2015 Passat TDI EA189? Coolant hose issues

    This was my problem last winter for 2 months. Broke that plastic piece 3 times - all replaced by dealer under warranty. They tried replacing the EGR cooler as a fix, until I found a thread on heater core causing this issue. I replaced the heater core while it was broke, got it in to the dealer...
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    2015 Passat TDI SEL - Heat Issues

    My heater core clogged up on me at 85k miles. I didnt replace it immediately because it was spring time, and planned to replace it during the summer sometime. This decision ended up causing a plastic wye going into fire wall to fail multiple times (build up of heat due to lack of flow through...
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    DSG Transmission "Flash of Death" - Trans Failure

    Dropped it off at your shop Friday night. Talk soon! Thank you for your assistance
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    DSG Transmission "Flash of Death" - Trans Failure

    Oilhammer, Checked out your website and have been calling around to other folks other than the dealership (Bommarito) knowing how my experience is going to go. I will call your shop after lunch today. Thank you for your timely reply. Who shall I ask to speak to about setting up an...
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    DSG Transmission "Flash of Death" - Trans Failure

    2015 VW Jetta TDI with DSG Transmission - 105,000 miles. Mostly highway driving: First noticed an issue on Saturday 12/11/2021 with hard shifting and stuttering in first gear. Felt odd but could not get it to replicate after. Tried getting into dealer to have them check fluid levels for me...
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    Loose motor mount problems?

    I have been fighting a broke plastic wye connecting to fire wall penetration on the coolant system for about 2 month. Had it fixed, broke again 2 weeks later. Had it fixed under craftsmanship warranty but now has just broke again. Seems like I’ve got something else going on. How can I tell if I...