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    Pensacola area TDI owners - my $15 off 'check' can be yours

    I found this in a pile of papers to close out my VW experience, it's a $15 check made to Pete Moore Automotive to be applied to a future Castrol Oil Change. Check is from Castrol and can only be used towards an oil change at Pete Moore VW in Pensacola, valid until 6/20/2017. If you live in or...
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    VW left me hanging....again. One and Done on VW

    Interesting thread to say the least. The adblue is consumed to make the emissions in compliance with the law. So it should be covered under the emission warranty. But VW doesn't share that thought. Maintaining a car that is outside of warranty period can be costly and perhaps upsetting...
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    Heat Only on Driver Side - clogged heater core

    Great, something else to worry about. Screw it, I'll drive more, worry less.
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    Color me happy

    Nice! Enjoy the ride. And save up for the DPF replacement at 120k miles or so.
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    Anyone buy an extended warranty?

    Not to be the bearer of bad news but in FL, extended warranties are considered insurance and hence, they are sold at uniform pricing. In other words, no discounting is available and the out-of-state seller can't legally sell it to you. Ain't it grand? If you are really determined to buy an...
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    30K overfill and then underfill service?

    Never underestimate the power of laziness and stupidity. It's the same for many other experiences in life. As a comedian says, you can't fix stupid. You can only work around it or avoid it, if there is the ability to do so.
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    2015 TDI SE window tint question

    You aren't kidding about regional labor costs. I was quoted just shy of $1k last fall to install the Optik super duper UV blocking film. I liked it a lot but I liked keeping the $1k even more.
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    To Trade or Not to Trade - 2012 6MT to 2015 DSG?

    OP: If you are a real estate agent, then I doubt the Passat TDI is the right car to use in your daily use. You'd be better off in a people hauler like an SUV or minivan that uses regular gasoline. It's more functional for your working needs and the cost of operating it is more reasonable than...
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    2015 TDI SE window tint question

    It's amazing how much the pricing will vary. I'm really impressed with the UV blocking film from Huper Optik but it costs so much.
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    2015 Passat owners: check your oil level - incorrect spec in manual!

    The first oil change was done at the dealership without discussing the oil refill quantity error directly with the service writer. Checked the dip stick afterwards, the oil level was exactly at the top of the hatch. For the DIYers, definitely verify/check the oil level.
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    2012 SE - 143k miles and kicking butt

    OP: was there any problem after replacing the timing belt? Considering many others have posted problems about the DEF tank and turbo failures, your car seems built for more Bronx parking abuse. Enjoy the ride. Lastly, in your experience, were there other cars that endured so well in...
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    2015 Passat SE TDI

    Enjoy the new ride. I hated those Hankooks on my old Jetta and Passat. Hope they are wonderfully improved.
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    Time to upgrade the old gray mare...

    I find the current DSG works well. I like that it does downshift when the car is on a decline (ie. parking garage ramps); it stops the car from accelerating. It comes down to deciding if you want the computer to shift the gears for you or if you prefer to do it yourself. Seems there's a...
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    CarNet - Your Thoughts?

    CarNet is horrible IMHO. If you could: -roll up windows/close sunroof -see stored error codes -lock and unlock the car (I could only find the temporary unlock; remote locking the car would have a nice feature) -send destinations for the nav (this feature was removed within my trial period)...
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    Thinking of getting 2015 Passat TDI

    It's always a chance when buying a new car but I'll bet you'll like the 2015 Passat. It's a new engine as others have mentioned so known issues, if any, will be learned as time passes. I had a 2010 Jetta TDI and looking back on it, I wondered why I bought it after getting into a Passat...
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    Time for new tires. Quick question

    I had Goodyear Comfortred on my 2012 VW. While the tires are quiet in comparison to the OEM Hankooks, they were very hard to keep balanced. The only place than knew how to balance it correctly was a speedshop in Atlanta. And about 10k miles later, the tires were out of balance again. I...
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    2013 Passat hit

    Seems you have the issue under control. All the best in getting things worked out the way you would like it to be.
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    traded in 13-tdiSEL for 15-tdiSEL

    My 2015 didn't feel any slower than my 2012 but my driving conditions are perhaps different because I don't need the 0-60 mph thing (lots of slow drivers along the Gulf Coast). Although I did notice fuel economy improvement immediately from the first tank of fuel. Keep an eye out for the...