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    Anybody had a 2009 tested in Arizona yet?

    Pretty sure you will have to do the opaque test. Be sure to take off the ESP else you'll be cringing when they run that car on the dyno and it slides. Also your antilock break light will be on after they are done. It will go off after a few minutes.
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    Bad AM radio in 2006

    Do you have tinted windows? Some metalic tints have negatively effected the radio reception on the 2006 models.
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    Would You Purchase a 2005.5+ Jetta PD?

    First take it to a mechanic and have it inspected (as you should for any vehicle), after all, your spending 14K. Although there are cases posted here, not every cam and DMF has/are going to fail prematurely. They are great cars and the DSG is not as bad of transmission as mentioned in a...
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    By-Pass oil filtration system for BRM

    I put a diesel geek one on at 20k miles, I'm at 36k now. Here are the benefits I see: 1. An extra quart of oil working through the system. 2. Filtration to 1 micron doesn't hurt things. The DG set up fits perfectly, is well designed, looks nice, and is completely reversable if you changed...
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    Arizona GTG @, November 21

    Mike, I'm also AZ06Jetta on this board too. Good so see we got such a response right now. Thank you for organizing. Dave
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    BRM Cam Failure

    I have also heard that VW has updated parts that appear to be more stout. However that information was third hand. Can anyone confirm?
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    Timing belt change Phoenix area?

    Derek is great! Did my 20K service, installed my bypass and knows what he is doing. Don't bother calling send an email to get pricing and set up a appointment. I know personally friends that have had good experiences (but haven't used myself) Independent...
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    Rear door on 2006 TDI Jetta does not open first try

    Double check the owner's manual. I believe that is a safety feature incase the child locks are not on. Both rear doors on mine work (and have worked since delivery) as you describe.
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    My Cam and Lifters After 88K were Perfect!

    When does replacing the head every 40k = maintenance! Could you imagine opening up the owners manual and seeing a service interval for your cam and lifters? The more I read and learn about the 2006 problems the more I want to sell my Jetta or buy the 10yr 100k warranty ASAP. They couldn't...
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    Just discovered I have PD CAM wear at 59K! Help! (PICS)

    In the states, the country of origin for assembly, engine, and transmission was listed on the window sticker.
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    Michelin MXV4 tire Experiences?

    Excellent tires I have them on my 2000 Altima and have put over 20k on them. Very quite and nice ride. When the factory Bridgestones are toast on my Jetta, I'm definately going to by a pair.
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    Oregon considers taxing miles instead of gasoline; hybrid cars could threaten road up

    Government trying to pull more money out of your wallet: "The next Congress "could begin to set the stage, perhaps looking at some much more robust pilot programs, to...
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    ?? about Mexican diesel...again

    My only concern would be if the sulfer content was to high. If it is not ULSD, then no way would I be putting it in my 09 :eek: Otherwise there are a couple of threads saying that the Mexican Diesel is not bad and folks living in border towns routinely go to Mexico and fill up with no issues.
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    Ok, so has anyone used a NON VW approved 505.01 oil and lived to tell about it?

    Please move this to the fuel and lube forum.
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    Shattered Rear windshield - Anybody else?

    I had the exact thing happen to my BMW back windshield. The glass is tempered and a shock from the past can effect the glass at a future time.
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    '09 TDI DSG - slight hesitation at start

    This is typical with my 06 DSG. There are threads about this on the A5 forum.
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    DG Oil Bypass Filter on a PD - who is running one?

    Jim, Thanks for the phone call. The filter was starting to wear through where it contacted the bracket. The fix is easy and takes about 1/2 hour if you are really taking your time. I used a tie wrap through the hole where the bracket attached to the original filter to attach the two lines...
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    DG Oil Bypass Filter on a PD - who is running one?

    Doonboggle, Yes I have it installed on my 06. There is nothing touching around the filter unless it is out of view. Was the backside (facing the firewall) of the by-pass filter rubbing against the factory filter canaster? On mine I don't have much clearence however it looks like at least a...
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    DG Oil Bypass Filter on a PD - who is running one?

    Doonboggle, can you post pics of where you are talking about, so I can look out for it. I'm having a tough time visualizing it. Many thanks, Dave
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    DG Oil Bypass Filter on a PD - who is running one?

    I have one on my 06 Jetta. I had Derek at Exklusiv install mine. The instructions, provided by DG as of April 2008, needed some minor thinking/modification to work with the 06 Jetta. No leaks with 4k on it. Agree with the positive benefits listed in prior posts. More oil capacity, + better...