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    Retarded timing at high RPMs on custom ALH 1.9

    im use dual pd liftpumps with Y piece, one pump im blockt the pressure valve and orther not. Timing no problems. what timing you ask at high rpm Mine frend do 350 hp vp with stock timing.
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    Piston bowl lip - PD owners

    Here in EU there many pd 130-150 running 300+ hp on stock bottum end. Its yust have good cam injectors that support the fueling. Bending rods, cracking pistons its result of bad mapping, to much SOI and to long duration stay on the safe side of injection time.
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    Gimme your high hp recipe for an ALH

    350-400 hp first off all get a NPS Ported head with 10m nps cam. To get the proper amount of air in the engine to burn all the fueling for thise power level. Turbo bw s300v or same specs of it. Block stock block rods pistons only lower cr bye milling the valve pockets around 2mm deeper. For...
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    2260vk rebuild advise or Hybrid?

    gtb2365 tw: 51/47mm cw: 50/65 ett 69mm 6+6 not gtx crap. 3e gear full boost 2.7 bar around 2800 rpm emp 1:1 with 2.5 bar at 4300 rpm 350 + hp with good spool up
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    New 1043's didn't fix high IQ deviation

    youre cr is low normal tdi about 550 psi / 34bar the inj. are struggle to compesate
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    Upgrade nozzles T5 2.5 tdi

    where to buy the +50% DS have set inj with 50% they EDM the original nozzle
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    Upgrade nozzles T5 2.5 tdi

    Hello, Im look for upgrade nozzles for the T5 2.5 tdi 5 cyl Engine code axe axd. What type nozzles on these injectors Dsla150p.... And does the firad +80% dsla150p1043 for the 1.9pd fits on the 2.5 pd injector.
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    12 mm DD Frankenpump Build

    Its very important to set kf and k setings. K 4.1 way of 3.4-3.8mm spec Kf 8.6 9.0 Im hold on oem bosch specs
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    12 mm DD Frankenpump Build

    What kf an k setting on you head ? Im set 12mm at kf 8.8 and k 3.6
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    12 mm DD Frankenpump Build

    6000 rpm on a 12mm china head is brave. Use liftpump and fuel cooler to keep pump fed and cool
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    Ask only for turbo experts. (BorgWarner)

    Im have a s200v with 52/74 7+7 efr comp its for sale all new rebuild
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    MK2 AFN 290hp

    About the gibonata nozzles milan mirlu have on piston melted because the dlc om needle let off so nozzle keeps on fueling it. The engine en head damage no refunding ore compremis from gibonata.
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    1.9L TDI Intake Manifold Flow Testing / Comparison

    Nice data can you flow test a dual chamber intake ore from 1y 1.9 d and mk4 sdi the long 2 piece intake
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    GTB2260VKLR Hybrid

    Vklr is bit limited on turbines to fit its stock 51/46 ore upgrade one 51/49 light weight. To keep cost low use a 49/64 6+6 comp on stock turbine it go well.
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    EDM and extrude honing in Europe?

    What size nozzles youre have now ? Ve pd cr ?
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    Efficient turbo

    No even on max open the turbine is bottle neck its just to small to fix this turbine wheel from gt2052v Then its almost on balance. Its not all that hard what go in must go out Sky high emp also make lot more stress on shaft and boost creep because the vnt cant controle it.
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    Efficient turbo

    Measure emp if that go over 1+ bar boost lets say boost 2 bar emp 3 ore more youre already over max effiencie. A 41/56 comp on stock gt1749v is massive over kill for turbine to handle. Sky high emp low flow true head. Always upgrade turbine wheel to match comp flow
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    Big nozzles 1.9 TDI VE AGR - Video

    Hi yes gibonta dlc on tip is bad milans engine melted a piston by bad nozzle from him. The dlc coating left off on tip and nozzle streams alot fuel. It didnt close. Milan it wash his first run with gibonata .360 nozzle on 2 a 3 times sprint they melted piston. Im saw the picture really bad...
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    Pd injectors

    Firad + 120 % do well with big bore elements 9mm to provide the extra inj pr to atominze good
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    Big nozzles 1.9 TDI VE AGR - Video

    Hi i tested thise ebay .360 nozzles theh run first good then they go bad. Now im buy .310 .280 nozzles from france its good nozzles also test them mine self. Im in making of new line with dlc coating needle .260 .280 .330 .370 nozzles Im now dealer from thise nozzles let me know if you need...