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    Bushing Question OEM vs. Poly

    I just got my Energy suspension bushings from XYola (who knows) any ways took 3-4 weeks to come (great price) installed yesterday to replace OEM 1 of the old ones was HAMMERED, however I have driven this car several years experiencing OEM "precision". I will tell you all I love these new lower...
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    Who made their mk4 TDI their daily driver?

    I bought my Golf 4 dr BEW in 2016, it took me a year and 1,800$ to put on the road,(got lucky at a salvage yard found perfect 5 speed for 650$) but it has NO rust on it. runs /drives perfect for me I have replaced/rebuilt almost everything but the shortblock and tandem pump. I own an 88' Chevy...
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    Been gone from the forum for a while. Who is all from Ohio that is on here now?

    I to have been absent about 8 months. I've been busy re-shaping a machine shop business. We do alot of import work, not much diesel yet. I just happen to drive a TDI that I rescued form a stripped timingbelt/worn out cam shaft, worn out diff. side bearing and Oh hell whilst your there replace...
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    2005 BEW fuel economy

    I have an 04" BEW A4. I drive it pretty spirited most the time. it has 238k on it, no egr, colt cam, Malone tune aVNT17 turbo upgrade. gets 40 all over town/highway. I couldn't be happier with the performance. I've never had a car get 500 plus miles to a tank of fuel sooooooo.
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    BEW fuel mileage?

    my mark4 5 spd. BEW has been getting 40. Its got a tune in it. EGR delete, the VNT 17, Colt stage 2 cam. I drive like I stole it most the time. Mine has a new clutch assembly in it I do worry about blowing the tires loose in 1st & 2nd, try to avoid that. I don't want clutch to slip, ounce you...
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    best timing belt for BEW w/mods

    Yes, next belt will be Dayco PTFE, thank you, and thanks to Indigo for the assurance of your supplies Quality. On my mileage issue, I can only think and wonder if maybe the kid that owned this previously went a bit to far with the tune? I have had the ECU out of the car no sticker or markings...
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    best timing belt for BEW w/mods

    Thanks for all this info, ( the Gates engineer info is over the top!)I was at the latest going to change to the Dayco belt at 80k. I was thinking Gates may have cheaped up(?) there belts maybe the previous owner got a reboxed Gates? Mine came from ID parts in there 100k kit. hopefully they don't...
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    best timing belt for BEW w/mods

    I hadn.t thought of that angle and I appreciate the heads up on how these usually fail, I just felt there's probably a severe duty belt out there that some of the readers here had tried not unlike replacing the t-chain in the typical American v8. if you replace the cam in lets say a 1967 327...
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    best timing belt for BEW w/mods

    Wondering Best high performance timing belt? a short history, 04 mk4 BEW purchased from a friend not running. former owners had EGR delete and tune done, T-belt had 30k on it previous owner stated he used a Gates replacement, youth drivers mind you assume a heavey foot? I found T-belt failed...
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    Shifter counter balance removal

    I just reinstalled my trans, Found it much easier to use my engine hoist thru the top put a chain diagonally across the top of the trans(trans on floor) it balances at a great slant to get it aligned with the clutch. Pulled it up thru the engine compartment was way easy to get the output flanges...
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    Advice re 2006 Golf TDi purchase

    Im really in agreement with Tdjar here the autos seem troublesome and yea some kid is gonna buy gas for it. I have a 04 stick and love drivin' it. My BEW engine had 226,000 on it when I bought it. It did need a cam & lifters.
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    Transaxle bearing issue ???

    check diff. output seals if one of them is leaking wiggle the out put flanges. my left bearing was failed so bad the ring gear was wearing into the pinion race bore. it made noise similar to what your describing.
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    Dies on the road

    this sounds like my 04' golf BEW. haven't driven it much but it has shut off twice on me. No codes.
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    Timing belt lifter no damage curiosity DISCUSSION

    Mine 04' BEW had skipped 3 teeth it ran at an idle no accel at all. the cam & lifters were worn pretty bad(226k), the intake lifters were dished, the exhausts had lightly collided the pistons.
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    Flywheel replacement on a Golf

    When you order all your stuff don't forget a good flywheel locking tool and have a good breaker bar for those TTY flywheel bolts you can thank me later! I used ID parts quiet kit Like it so far, My flywheel had failed so that I had to cut the center ring away to get access to remove the bolts...
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    In need of great help!

    I just completed my project similar sitch, long story short, I pulled the head it was pretty nice rebuildable shape, ordered new TRW exhaust valves, they weren't bent but had made piston contact{lightly} the cam and lifters were hosed, 226k. so I installed the colt stage 2 cam kit, the ID parts...
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    Odd Horn Problem

    you may have to much current draw from your horns. I have seen fuses blow on radiator fans that start to run, Then when the current draw exceeds about 13 amps it will blow the fuse normal current draw is almost never above 8 amps for a cooling fan. If you have a Fluke multi meter check current...
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    Bew dilemma

    I assume "new" engine is rebuilt or used? you transferred all the engine management sensors, your turbo etc?
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    VW tranny .com

    yea I am thinking that a rebuild is gonna be the path, I read another post from a long timer saying same thing he ran it low on lube and the diff side bearings are whining. I have about 2,600$ (US) in engine parts and cyl. head work, not to mention the price of the car. The friend that sold it...
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    VW tranny .com

    Hello out there, My 04 BEW runs fantastic . the new cam is all broken in and I have a new and exciting problem. No complaints about the engine work ,but the 5 speed won't keep any lube in it (axle seal), and it HOWLS @ 20 plus MPH, shifts great tho. I've been searching for a trans , parts car...