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    FS 10mm ALH injectors

    Please keep the return lines, I don't need them
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    FS 10mm ALH injectors

    how many miles on them?
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    FS: Jetta MKIV fog lights

    These are sold, thanks for the inquiries
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    Unique Transmission Issue

    Did you check the bowden cable ends? Do you know what those are? THey are the plastic pieces at the end of the shifting cables that tie into the top of your transmission. Make sure all the teeth are there and that there is no movement on the cable ends once the locking mechanism is engaged.
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    Help with '03 rear hub

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Help diagnose a bearing/belt noise (with video)

    Better to have piece of mind then to be stressing out over it. At least now you know.
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    Help with '03 rear hub

    Someone has posted about this very issue. Turns out it was the parts.
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    Turbo not working on BEW engine, not sure why

    Put a mity vac on your turbo hose connection and see if it holds vaccum.
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    Hunt Valley Horsepower/ Cars n Coffee

    I go and look for TDI's but it's hard to notice them if they are outside of the C&C's parking area.
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    am i doing my self harm putting off a heater core replacement?

    If you want to buy time, put a u-shaped plastic coupling and just join the in and out at the engine bay. You won't have heat but it won't leak either.
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    Rear door latch part loose

    take a flashlight and see if you can see the screw in the door jamb that is used to rotate the retaining clip. Is the screw in place? is it in or out? If it's in, you need to unscrew it out. If it's already out, then you just need to tighten it. Here is the screw and the "clip" it...
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    FS: Jetta MKIV fog lights

    Yes, sent you a PM
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    Need advice on stereo

    The unit looks great!
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    Need advice on stereo

    Speakers are at the brown 8-pin vw connector or "middle ISO" in the diagram above "Bottom ISO" Pin 5 & 7 use positive connection on the bus bar terminal 30 pin 4 from the black vw connector is S-contact use the cluster harness to get S-contact Blue cluster connector pin 30...
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    what rear calipers will fit?
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    An in depth look at the KVW100 auto window close module

    buy a new or used Central Convenience Module for your car
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    New Door Lock Module Dosen't Work

    Well, something is triggering a DTC as VCDS has shown. Make sure you check the wires between the door and the body. Maybe it's broken wires. Check down at the bottom of the A-pillar too take the hood handle off and remove the trim cover. make sure the wires aren't corroded
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    New Door Lock Module Dosen't Work

    Sounds like it's the window motor and not the lock. The lock does run through the window motor so if the motor is bad, the lock won't work either.
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    Advice on upgrading brakes mk4->VR6

    This won't solve your front shimmy/vibrating issue but if you're interested in an upgrade, consider changing the rear brakes from 232 solid to 256 vented rotors. You'll need new calipers and carriers, hub and bearing and splash shields but you'll feel the difference. Then when you have more...
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    Comparison Test: LED drop-in headlight bulbs vs. halogen bulbs [pics inside]

    I have resigned to the fact that I will need to buy a new car to get LED headlights. For now, OEM HID's with Halogen H7 high beams is the best I'm going to get in the MK4 headlamp. I also want a full digital cluster(Like the Tiguan) with navigation in the center but nobody is going to make...