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  1. Cronus

    malone DSG tune

    If you don't have a DSG tune you have wasted your money with that stage two tune. You're ecu will limit your torque to 258 lb/ft. Which is less than what you get with a stage one tune. Save the money you are going to spend on an exhaust and down pipe and get the DSG tune.
  2. Cronus

    CR140 Stage 3

    Has there been anymore work on a setup that retains all the emissions equipment? I'd love to have an upgrade like this and keep my car legal.
  3. Cronus

    Will these wheels/tires fit my Sportwagen

    I have 19x8.5 et42 front et37 rear tires are 225/35r19. I have just a bit of poke with that setup. You are going to have quite a bit of poke with that setup.
  4. Cronus

    FS: mkv jetta curt tow hitch C11072

    I am willing to ship but im sure its going to be expensive.
  5. Cronus

    Towing with 2013 JSW DSG TDI....

    I towed a 5x8 uhaul in my 09 dsg jsw just about 1000 miles this past sept. the trailer probably weighed in at 1800 lbs. It pulled that thing up 6% grades in 110* heat in 5th gear with no issue.
  6. Cronus

    Am i Crazy to want a DSG

    I'll be honest about my DSG. It's sluggish of the line which sucks A LOT. But there's no way I'd ever trade it for a manual for day to day driving. If I could get it give me full throttle out of the hole when I tell it to I'd have absolutely no issue with it.
  7. Cronus

    Neuspeed Turbo Discharge Damper

    All it's going to do is make the turbo a little louder, and only at low throttle input.
  8. Cronus

    CR140 Flapper Valve Performance...

    If Malone disables the sensor that means he disables the motor right? If that's the case the extra soot it produces when left open should be nothing the DPF can't handle. I've had mine unplugged for 3 tanks now. On a stock tune and stock turbo I've noticed that I have a bit more torque between...
  9. Cronus

    DSG - Drive vs Sports?

    S mode keeps you at an rpm that will allow you to build boost the instant you touch the accelerator. Shift points are higher. throttle response is noticeably quicker.
  10. Cronus

    Chip to overcome DSG launch lag?

    The only time I've ever experienced the lag in any of the dsg car's i've driven is when you're giving it more throttle than you need to. 10% is plenty to get me on my way pretty much instantly in my 09 dsg. Same as my buddy's 2010 and my mom's 2011.
  11. Cronus

    Snow Performance MPG-MAX™ VW TDI

    Dang, when did meth kits get so expensive
  12. Cronus

    It has begun (JSW+Airlift)

    Do you think you could do me a favor and post a pic of how high you can air up?
  13. Cronus

    It has begun (JSW+Airlift)

    This is the whole reason I want to do air ride. I want the low but I want to keep the ride comfort. I'm just trying to justify voiding my warranty to my wife. haha
  14. Cronus

    California TDI Owners List

    550. Cronus / Jerry / 2009 Jetta Sportwagon-DSG / Tustin, CA
  15. Cronus

    Turbo Resonance Dampener Removal

    Hmm I just pulled the muffler on my 2009 and I have to say it's not very plastic.... I'm going to need a bit of time but I'm determined to gut this thing today
  16. Cronus

    The only video game where you get to drive a VW TDI!!

    You can drive a TDI in Dirt 2 and Forza 3.