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  1. sonero

    first post and my first TDI...

    A right decision indeed! TDI is a pleasure to drive apart from other positives. Also, don't believe the hype...the internet has a tendency to magnify the most insignificant things...
  2. sonero

    New (again) Member with 2012 Jetta TDI

    Welcome again but thanks naught on the anal. I was just messing with you but tell me this, did you test drive a tdi at any point before the corolla purchase? Just curious.
  3. sonero

    New (again) Member with 2012 Jetta TDI

    Welcome to the TDI tribe! I almost cannot believe you researched a TDI and bought a corolla. It defies logic man!
  4. sonero

    Went shopping for a TDI SEL (OMG!)

    Of course being all-knowing and arrogant is a turn off to dealers. But we are talking strategy here not there. Game face. Good point nevertheless. Errrgghhh...skidmarks...but you know the numbers you threw are really inflated. We are in a Passat forum and someone here posted they are paying...
  5. sonero

    Went shopping for a TDI SEL (OMG!)

    True. But you miss my 'perfect world buyer' point in that you arrive with a pre-approved auto loan from somewhere else i.e. a credit union and your cash down to sum up to X total which is what you can pay. Granted you figure for taxes, tag, title...etc. Of course they make fee on VW financing...
  6. sonero

    I lurked then I bought! 2012 TDI new owner

    Never owned a truck but I know why truck guys have them. If your house requires a truck and that is the only one keep it. Trade the other X car if you have. If not all I can say is with 3,600 miles and a 5 mile flat straight-away I was clocking 57.2 mpg at 65 in 6th gear, steady until the next...
  7. sonero

    Went shopping for a TDI SEL (OMG!)

    Not that I condone that but where I live I can see it happening if you buy all cash. The ultimate point is the more cash down the more room to negotiate. You can't push down a sales price when you are coming with A) reliance on VW financing and/or B) very little cash i.e. under $5,000. Best bet...
  8. sonero

    Went shopping for a TDI SEL (OMG!)

    Money talks. Cash is King. If anything throw the manager a grand under the table and the sales guy two fifty and you leave with $30,725 all hooked up.
  9. sonero

    New Guy Comments

    Welcome markc522. I'm a newbie myself to DSG, 2nd diesel though. My newbie DSG experience sums up to decisive, more aggressive driving in manual to open her up and avoiding auto unless I can slam the pedal and not have to break in 500 feet or do weird moves to where the computer throws an...
  10. sonero

    Thinking about a New Jetta TDI, few ?

    No freaking out, just a strongly worded opinion. But really, +1 mpg? All that aside the Passat is a very polished car in SEL premium.
  11. sonero

    Thinking about a New Jetta TDI, few ?

    Urea makes me seek out a chemist in order to moonshine piss into the same VW dealer Urea potion. NorthernMage said it first but that was my primary reason for not jumping into the Passat plus the lack of Xeon headlights. The DSG is already a financial reality down the road. Please no...
  12. sonero

    Thinking of buying a 2012 Jetta TDI

    Modding has never been my scene with the exception of .184 nozzles in an MKIV auto from 01. From what I've seen of the DSG I am already resigned to elevated recurring expenses in addition to eventual failure of the mods. The 2012 is a monster already. The driver matters more...
  13. sonero

    Fender Stereo

    I have had about 4 custom car audio experiences each better than the last but at some point it loses its appeal. I'll say I have yet to surpass the volume past 19/20 because of the overwhelming sound. It suits my meager demands and more than capable of projecting an extended radius if that is...
  14. sonero

    DSG hypermiling techniques

    That is interesting but to each his own. The logic dictates you spent premium cash for TDI quality/capabilities for the peace of mind you can thrash the DSG race grade transmission on a fresh CR stock like if it was brushing your teeth and still not sweat the mileage factor. After all this...
  15. sonero

    Loving my new Jetta!

    I only gave a side photo because I wanted to document my experience plus I was running late for a salacious booty call. Thanks.
  16. sonero

    Loving my new Jetta!

    I do not mean to hijack this post but for the sake of redundancy...I really am impressed with the tdi's. Just blew a piston on my 2001 auto tdi at just under 225,000. I never neglected maintenance but some things just happen. I liked my 01 so much I bought it again in 2012. Everything...