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    Parts car

    How about the right rear caliper bracket and sliding pins? Or, just the sliding pins from either side?
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    Missing Air Conditioning Pressure Charts

    I had this very same problem last week, although my pressure was over 100 psi. It turned out that it was the compressor. It had "eaten" one of the internal valves for one of the pistons. Chunks of it were stuck in the valves for the other pistons, so it could not pump any R134a. I replaced the...
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    Help!, Intake manifold bolts stripped - B4 Passat

    Alternately, you can use an old 12mm 12 point socket, and pound it over the outside of the bolt heads, then remove them with a rachet. I say to use an old socket because it will probably get pretty marred up, and it may split from pounding it over something, but it will work if you have nothing...
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    ccv part number needed with pics

    The correct part number for the grommet is 028103500. This same part has been used by VW since the early 80's. List price is only $4.10, but you could probably get it off the "Help" rack at any local autoparts store, since it is so widely used...
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    Bonehead move, stripped 6mm hex

    In a pinch, a twelve point, 12mm socket tapped on over the outside of the bolt head would also work...
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    Accleration/Power LOSS!!

    FYI on the "X" version MAF- When I went to the dealer a couple of weeks ago to pick one up, they no longer carried the X version. They only sell the one for $162.00 now. Fortunately, they were able to tell me other dealers in the area that still had stock on the X version, which is where I got...
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    Water temp?

    It's true, the computer does filter the readings. I have both the factory guage and an aftermarket guage. The factory says 190 when the other moves within a 40 or so degree window of temp range. I agree with whitedog, they must do it to prevent people from freaking out over it moving up and...
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    hand brake question?

    Probably a bad parking brake cable. I just replaced both of mine due to the same problem. They are $15 each from They are quite simple to replace. Less than an hour total for the whole job. You probably shouldn't use the parking brake again until it is fixed...
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    Intake Manifold bolt stripped!!!

    Try pounding a 12 sided, 12mm socket over the outside of the round part. Use a socket that you don't care much for, as it may split. The socket should "cut" teeth on the outside of the bolt, giving it grip that will allow you to get it out. I have used this method before, even on the harmonic...
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    A5 Jetta: Europe gets all the good stuff. AGAIN!

    Re: A5 Jetta: Europe gets all the good stuff. AGA Mark V Jetta TDI's are already available in the US.
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    alternative to VW silicone...

    You will probably get flamed from some people for asking that question! I used regular high temp Permatex silicone when I did my oil pan last summer. It still hasn't leaked a drop yet, but some people will still insist that your car will self destruct instantaneously if you use something other...
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    Loss of AC help needed

    It could be the sensor that is in line on the top radiator hose. I had one go bad. The A/C would work for 5 to 10 minutes, then it would shut off and stay off. I finally traced it to this sensor which is designed to cut off the A/C if the coolant temp gets too hot. To test this, there should be...
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    Minnesotan Needs Help

    I can help you out. I don't live very far from you. Send me a PM and we can talk.
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    2001 EGR/intake cleaning

    You may or may not get a CEL, it depends on the car. Some do, some don't, and some it takes a while. Try it and find out. Mine has gasket that was "missing" the center hole, like you speak of. I only get a CEL if I cruise at about 30 mph for an extended period of time, with constant throttle...
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    Side engine covers...equivalent nut?

    Hmm, maybe the plastic ones that hold the washer fluid reservoir in would work... I haven't tried, but the studs look similar. The part number is N 907 088 01, only $0.49 each at Impex, $0.57 list.
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    Good tdi shop in MN???

    Hi Bill, I just read your whole thread on the stumbling... I experienced a similar problem last year with my car. It took months to figure out! It ended up being a "dirty" N75 valve. The valve itself was operating fine electrically, it was just contaminated internally and could not seal the...
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    AC Racket

    Check to make sure that the nut on the front of the pump, holding the clutch on is tight. Mine came loose and was rattling. The clutch nearly fell off!
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    Where is relay switch for Wipers?

    I agree with NYTDI. It is not the relay, it is the pivot post shafts. The wipers on my car kept getting slower and slower. Finally, I took out the wiper motor assembly and tore everything apart, cleaned the rust and corrosion off the posts, and regreased everything well before putting it back...
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    Wanted: Part of Injector

    Still looking for this part...
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    Wanted: Part of Injector

    I am looking for a part inside an injector. It is the plate that has the roll pins, that the nozzle sits on, (see picture). One of mine has a small defect in it causing my injector to seep fuel. If anyone has a spare injector that they are parting out, or willing to part out, I would be...