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  1. wildkitty

    Windshield au Québec pas cher?

    514-577-3333 - Harry - Laval A++ - $200 pour mon 2001 Golf, service routier. Plus vite.
  2. wildkitty

    The car audio thread...

    2.2TDI - my car has that DOWN. We connected the constant and the ignition wires to the wire that's triggered by the ignition. Now it shuts off every time the key is out. Aaaaaand... we go into demo mode the next time we turn on the car. Therein lies the problem. Edit: before anyone asks - that...
  3. wildkitty

    The car audio thread...

    The man found someone who said they took the constant 12V from the fuse box... anyone else attempt this? Just trying to see what option is the easiest way to go about it. Hussain - that's one of the reasons I picked up Pioneer - it's Android and Blackberry which is what we have. But we can't...
  4. wildkitty

    The car audio thread...

    HELP! I don't seem to have a 12V constant. I can get a 5V constant from one of my wires but it's not enough. Has anyone had this problem? How did you bypass? any help would be much appreciated :)
  5. wildkitty

    The car audio thread...

    Also looking at car audio... single DIN cheapies... leaning towards JVC. They have a nice lower end line-up.
  6. wildkitty


    If anyone runs into issues with the muffler - I took it to Kiko's in Montreal North. A++ A bientot.
  7. wildkitty


    Hi les boys, Je cherche un vendeur local pour un muffler. J'ai un 2001 Golf 2.0L. Vous avez un shop local pour ca? Je trouve un muffler mais online - Parts Geek. C'est correct cette site? Est-ce que vous avez utiliser cet supplier? --- I'm looking for a local vendor for my muffler. I need...
  8. wildkitty

    -20 degrees and forgot to plug in - two mornings in a row...

    I do what Jason does. My theory is that whatever air is blowing on the windshield from the inside, even if colder, is way warmer than the air blowing on the windshield from the outside.
  9. wildkitty

    A$% on fire !!!!

    I took my 2003 a few years back to Owasco with this issue. The seat warmer actually burned through my cloth cover. They replaced the foam, cover and element. Mind you, the cover was a fight with VW Canada. It's not "covered by the recall" (no pun intended). However, I argued that I could see...
  10. wildkitty

    Power Steering Line(s)

    Big shout out to skatanic for helping me out!!! I'll let you guys know how it goes :)
  11. wildkitty

    Power Steering Line(s)

    Fred, you've incurred a $10 penalty for cheating. :P
  12. wildkitty

    Power Steering Line(s)

    Hi gang, Since it's been a while, I don't recall who used to keep parts cars. I'm looking for power steering lines (not sure if it's the in or the out - the mechanic didn't mention) kicking around. I have sprung a small leak and they generally look rusted. I'm hoping the 2.0 golf lines are...
  13. wildkitty

    FS: 185/65-14 Gislaved Nordfrost 5 on steelies

    Is there a reason everyone's clearing out their Gislaveds? :s
  14. wildkitty

    When do you install your snow tires?

    The man put my tires on last week (while some strange woman watched on!!! creepy)... it's going to be around 11 degrees until mid week... sigh... Hang on Gislaveds... hang on! Snow is soon to come!
  15. wildkitty

    Ottawa Area Windsheild Replacement

    If you had a choice to pay $200 or $400 for no-name vs OEM respectively, which would you pick? For a newer car (a couple years old) I may spring for the $400. For mine, the $200 option was a no-brainer. It depends on what you're trying to accomplish with the car too.
  16. wildkitty

    Ottawa Area Windsheild Replacement

    I'm in Montreal, and I had a guy do my windshield (mobile) for $200ish. Depends on the car you have too and if you have a sensor windshield or not.
  17. wildkitty

    wife looking @ a '10 tiguan. any thoughts?

    Get her to drive the wagon. I will admit, I was like her. I went to a freedrive event and I didn't even want to go near the thing... but it had no line up lol so I took it out... it handles like a hatchback. It's a BEAUTIFUL car. It's like... a stretch Golf. I strongly believe the she can be...
  18. wildkitty

    Free VIN checks

    Nice! Thanks :) rotarykid - just replace the vin and paste the link.
  19. wildkitty

    2011 tdi wagon jumps out of park

    I haven't really driven the DSG but this is a great thread as a word of warning. I thank the OP for bringing this up :) Furthermore, chapeau to you BuzzKen. imo000 is too high up on this pedestal that he built for himself to actually see the pot and the kettle sit, regardless of how blatantly...
  20. wildkitty


    Just letting you guys know... There's a guy in Laval... great service, super knowledgeable, $200 cash... windshield is installed and looking awesome :) I didn't insist on Sekurit because of the age of the car, but he can get that too, it'll just be pricier. The install took about 45 minutes to...