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  1. bshore3rd

    High Mileage

    267000 miles, 1 turbo, 4 timing belt (last one @ 200 w/ new updated set) 6 sets tires newest BFG traction TA, too many oil changes to remember ( AMSOIL series 3000 diesel) all new front end parts @ 200
  2. bshore3rd

    Injection pump Loses prime Intermittently

    repleced T and oem fuel filter. Pain in A-- getting T into new filter (fit in old filter fine) checking all fuel lines, no wetness around pump head. thanks 4 the reply
  3. bshore3rd

    Injection pump Loses prime Intermittently

    Twice in two weeks has my Injecion pump lost its prime. It only sat overnight. Now it has been fine for three nights. Any Ideas?
  4. bshore3rd

    ABS Control Module Needed

    ABS control Module needed for 2000 Jetta IV TDI 228K miles.
  5. bshore3rd

    How many miles have people put on their TDI

    2000 Jetta auto, purchased new 9/9/99, 205000 miles front bearings 125K, turbo 169K,trany oil change every 100K,cat converter pipe 201K, rear brakes every 50K, tires every 50K, change oil every 10K, oilfilter every 5K. I use AMSOIL Series 3000 5W-30 and their diesel additive for cetane and fuel
  6. bshore3rd

    What brand replacement tires to get???

    I've run BFG Touring T/A's since the OEM Michlelins wore out @ 40K. No problems at all. I get them at Sam's club and I get my monies worth having them rotate them every 5k. They last an avg of 45-55K miles
  7. bshore3rd

    2006 Brewery Tour Victory Brewing is in Downingtown PA see link, also...
  8. bshore3rd

    That time again, mileage roll call.

    2000 Jetta GLS - purchased 09-09-99 - 205,000 miles - 3,000 miles per month, give or take - 5 sets of tires - new turbo 169,000 - new cat conv pipe 200,000 - AMSOIL Series 3000 Diesel Oil, 5w-30 - AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Concentrate and Cetane Boost.
  9. bshore3rd

    Emergency Flashers

    It has been awhile now. I think they sent me something in March or April.
  10. bshore3rd

    Flat hr rate for timing belt and water pump change

    Does anyone know what the flat rate hours are for a timing belt service with waterpump change? Stealership charged US $535.00. I think the mechanic wrote for each thing separately. Thanx 4 the help.
  11. bshore3rd

    How Many shop hours 4 a timing belt service

    Does anybody know how many shop hours are charged for a timing belt and water pump replacement. My dealer charged me 530.00 (US$) labor for the service. I want to find out the book hours for the service. I think they charged me for belt replacement and then a separate water pump replacement...
  12. bshore3rd

    A/C just stop working

    My air stopped woking 2 weeks agom, 195.5k miles. took it 2 dlrship,I used to work there, and the diagnosis was bad compressor. Comp and clutch ordered, 465.00 4 both. next day comp put in but still no air, fan relay swithes bad, replace relays,air works again. I found out that if the relays are...
  13. bshore3rd

    Brake Wear: Front vs. Rear

    I have 192 K on my 00 Tdi. I am heavy in the rear due to paperwork I have to carry. I usually get 45-50 K on the back brakes. My first front brake change was @ 125K, however my next one was @ 191K. I have no idea why the fronts did not last as long . I did not change driving habits. The backs go...
  14. bshore3rd

    CB / 2 meter radio / antenna on 2005 Jetta wagon

    Why Not? I have a CB and Scanner in my car. Traveling the Hiways and byways of Pa for the past 5 1/2 years as a road dope I have decreased the likelyhood of tickets and been able to avoid traffic jams. AM 1060 in PHL has also helped avoid time consuming congestion, however VW Am reception...
  15. bshore3rd

    Just boughta new TDI - dealer says that...

    In regards to the condition of the car at delivery, U will get a phone call survey on how U your buying and delivery experience was. In order for the sales person to make a little extra $, U should answer excellent and yes to all ?. Ther is a comment portion that U could state the oil mess and...
  16. bshore3rd

    Fuel Conditioner

    I use a mix of AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate and Cetane Boost. Adjust amount from 4 to 9 oz. per tank, depending on temp.
  17. bshore3rd

    All-weather (not snow) tires for 15" Golf wheels?

    Re: All-weather (not snow) tires for 15\" Golf whee Try BFG Touring TA's. Just getting ready 4 my third set. They do well in rain and snow. Only once did I have 2 use my Z-chains. They seem 2 last around 45k, about as long as my rear brake pads. I get mine @ Sam'a Club and have them rotated...
  18. bshore3rd

    I need new tires

    Sam's Club, BFG Touring T/A's, 2ply sidewall helps handling and they last @ 45-50K
  19. bshore3rd

    LIDAR Ticket Help Needed!

    IN Pa, sometimes they will reduce the penalty to "failure to obey a traffic control device" fine but no points. Talk to a 50 to see if this is an alternative in MA
  20. bshore3rd

    Has your turbo blow? Post here!

    2000 Jetta, new 9/9/99.Blew @ 169.9K on 9/11/04 Amsoil Series 3000 5-30 since second oil change. auto Trans No performance mods