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  1. Deevo_3000

    Magnaflow 2.5" Diesel CAT - $100

    Brand new Magnaflow 2.5" CAT. Part# 93006D. Bought this intending to use it on a VW TDI but never installed it. PM me for shipping details.
  2. Deevo_3000

    Vacuum Pump Question - 2000 Jetta

    The hose is cracked exactly where you suggested... Good call :). Thanks for the comments everyone. Steve
  3. Deevo_3000

    Vacuum Pump Question - 2000 Jetta

    Do you mean 25 inches Hg?
  4. Deevo_3000

    Vacuum Pump Question - 2000 Jetta

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could tell me what the vacuum level is supposed to be for my car (2000 Jetta ALH). I measured only 10 inches Hg. I've been noticing the brakes are losing their booster when i'm in stop and go traffic; and also, when i first start up the car it takes a few...
  5. Deevo_3000

    Cold start, coolant level???

    Yeah it sounds like this happens to a lot of people, just reading other threads on here... I guess G12 contracts a lot when it gets really cold.
  6. Deevo_3000

    Cold start, coolant level???

    Hey guys, this weekend something sort of interesting happened with my ride. My car had been sitting for a couple days at about -25°C or so (-15F?) so it was a pretty rough start, had to crank for 8-10 seconds. When it stumbled to life the coolant level/temp light came on. I checked the coolant...
  7. Deevo_3000

    PP520's - A Few Questions

    I never got mine pop tested and they've worked great from 40,000km ago to today :) It sounds like most people just get it done though, piece of mind? Install is fairly straightforward, there is a good How-to on this site. the main thing is being careful with the tips of the nozzles, and...
  8. Deevo_3000

    new female tdi owner-- need help

    this thread cracks me up.
  9. Deevo_3000

    Am I going to blow up my engine?

    If you have a vacuum tool like a MityVac, check the amount of vacuum your actuator starts to move at. Should be 3-5mm Hg. If it's less, that means your turbo is spooling too early and will give you overboost. 35psi is definately too high, even 30psi spike isn't good. High boost @ low...
  10. Deevo_3000

    2000 tdi vs 2002 tdi milage reasoning

    I have a 2000 tdi and only get around 750 city driving. 950 seems high to me, maybe he's just bustin your balls. Yeah this shouldnt really be in power enhancements.
  11. Deevo_3000

    Problems after fuel sender drilling fix?

    This indeed had nothing to do with the fuel sender drilling. It was just a vacuum leak to the vnt actuator. I guess once the car was warmed up there was enough vacuum that the leak was negligible, but right after start up there wasn't enough vacuum to pull the actuator with the leak. Anyways...
  12. Deevo_3000

    2.5 high flow cat

    You need to weld it, might as well get a new downpipe and exhaust while you're at it :)
  13. Deevo_3000

    Problems after fuel sender drilling fix?

    yeah im starting to think its something entirely different, but im not really on to much else... thanks for the input though.
  14. Deevo_3000

    Problems after fuel sender drilling fix?

    If you let the car sit and idle though - say for 5 minutes, shouldn't the pressure build up enough to drive the advance solenoid and correct the timing if that is the issue? I have checked the timing with vag-com and it is around 67 so i think that is okay. But, that is after the car is...
  15. Deevo_3000

    Problems after fuel sender drilling fix?

    Hey guys, this winter i had some fuel gelling problems so i drilled out the fuel supply line & removed the check valve...It worked great, no more fuel gelling problems even down to -30 C...But now it seems i have created a new problem. As the weather has been getting warmer, ive noticed when i...
  16. Deevo_3000

    New TDI's = less MPG than old TDI's?

    I like the catch 22, more emission control which yields less MPG thus requiring more fuel to be burned anyway, which leeds more emission control. Beautiful :D . (i imagine it is the kind of emissions not quantity, but still). I think i will stick with my ALH for now.
  17. Deevo_3000

    Another 17/22 with related plumbing goes in

    hmm i thought there was room when i did mine, maybe i was imagining things. Anyways that makes sense though.
  18. Deevo_3000

    Another 17/22 with related plumbing goes in

    For removing the oil line, doesn't it work if you just use two open 17mm wrenches? Why do you need to use the box end?
  19. Deevo_3000

    3" exhaust on a jetta.. what style exit?

    Wow, that looks extrememly nice.
  20. Deevo_3000

    3-in-1 gauge, ever use/seen this one?

    The back of that thing must be a disaster once you have everything tied into it. I see they have a wiring harness which would help a little i guess. It looks cool, but needles will always look better than digital displays when things get craaazy. IMO.