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  1. jackgreen

    98 MK3 instrument cluster and warning light issues

    So, i ,er, um, checked the fuses...yeah, all good now. still have the airbag light on but i don't care too much about that.
  2. jackgreen

    98 MK3 instrument cluster and warning light issues

    Thanks for the tips. could you clarify what you mean when you say "head" "orb" "cap" and "chip"? just want to be sure we are speaking the same language etc.
  3. jackgreen

    98 MK3 instrument cluster and warning light issues

    i have a 98 MK3 with instrument cluster and warning light issues. i was changing the fuel filter last year and did not have my mityvac handy so i ended up with excessive cranking to bleed the air out. yeah i know, dumb move but i was lazy and i did not care about this car at that time. so here...
  4. jackgreen

    will a 2001 jetta stock stereo work in a 98?

    will a 2001(2002 actually) jetta stock stereo work in a 98? and do they still have security codes? thanks
  5. jackgreen

    disabling door key window functions

    you are not going to get more boost without a tune. without a tune, iq(injection quantity)is the main thing to adjust to reduce smoke. done in/with vcds.
  6. jackgreen

    PD130 euro intake into std AHU as EGR replacement slight loss of power* why ??

    if you increased the size of both the ic piping and the intake, it would potentially give you turbo lag. larger turbo should fix it. just my thoughts.
  7. jackgreen

    How to open a locked rear hatch, with no keys

    it is quite simple actually. like howler said, remove the light access cover on the passenger side and just push the rod to the left. it will be at the top.
  8. jackgreen

    fuel gauge fails with acceleration or cornering

    awesome! thanks! i will have a look next week or so.
  9. jackgreen

    No Heat In Your Jetta? I Have An Easy Solution!

    he said he already changed the t-stat. it's just limiting the amount of outside air from coming in, not stoping it. it is just a towel after all. i'm sure he will let us know how it goes in the long run though.
  10. jackgreen

    TDI Trouble

    there is no fuel pump on these cars, besides the injection pump, unless you installed one.
  11. jackgreen

    97 passat alignment

    yeah you are right about it being negative camber. my recollector unit was not working right:p but i am pretty sure the toe in is zero degrees, as it is front wheel drive.
  12. jackgreen

    97 passat alignment

    if you are doing camber do that before toe in.
  13. jackgreen

    97 passat alignment

    somewhat normal. if i remember correctly you want the toe in to be 0 and you want the camber to be about 1.2deg positive(i think). you adjust the camber at the lower strut mount bolts.
  14. jackgreen

    Old tensioner... Should I use it?

    the worry would be if the grease had dried up. if it spins good, with just a bit of resistance, it should be just fine. i would run it. make sure the belt is not that old though.
  15. jackgreen

    EGT PreTurbo what temp is RED

    i would test on a long steep hill just to see what it gets up to so you know what temps to expect etc. i would probably set mine at 1350, but i do pull trailers sometimes.
  16. jackgreen

    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    hey at least it's an easy one to get to:)
  17. jackgreen

    B4 front and rear windshield removal

    remember to pull with/toward the string not straight out.
  18. jackgreen

    Wobbling crank sprocket...

    good job!
  19. jackgreen

    Wobbling crank sprocket...

    well you should start your own thread. and what is"boo"?
  20. jackgreen

    Bad MPG GLX conversion

    hey, you have two identical threads. please decide which one is more valid and remove the other.