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    From my daily to a rally 😬

    36psi - 1 atm = 21psi which is about what you'd expect. If you're not getting any other codes it sounds like all is well now.
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    cbea/cjaa cylinder head options

    Frank doesn't do CR heads last I heard. Please let us know if he says otherwise. Generally seems they're not cost effective to rebuild and people find a whole running engine from the wreckers
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    Subframe/steering rack question

    It was enough fun to get the upper and lower bushings pushed in with the subframe off the car - can't imagine doing it on the car without a specialized tool/alignment jig unless the new bushing isn't a press fit. The rack, control arms, and sway bar can all just stay put thou I think and you...
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    2012 Golf TDI itching for a tune again

    Kerma TDI seems to have the most experience tuning these and keeping all the emissions equipment from what I've seen. Seems to extend the DPF life too. Not worth doing a delete if you're going to have to reinstall all the emissions to pass smog I my opinion.
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    **SOLVED** Bi-xenon HID projector - Not as bright?

    Never heard of those bulbs, and at 5500k you're starting to sacrifice usable light for "cool" looking color. Could try a more respected brand bulb in the 4300k temp. Could step up to 55w ballasts. Also take the time to ensure they're aimed correctly
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    Clutch Issues - General / Technical

    Seems silly to go to all that work and not replace the DMF while you're in there when they're a known wear item and you plan to increase power here soon. But I can't see how a DMF in early stages of failure would cause the clutch pedal to go to the floor - that's a hydraulic issue as you surmise
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    2012 Golf TDI No Crank

    Did you have the serp belt removed while turning by hand? Just wondering if the alternator or AC compressor could be locked up. If it's smoking and smacking it's sending power to the starter and something is physically keeping it from turning. Don't know if a DMF could fail catastrophically in...
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    You can adjust it like the torsion value on a PD TDI, but only within the window allowed by the slots in the cam sproket. With the car running and warm check vcds measuring block 051, idle stabilization value, and see if it gives you a number that charges slightly with revving the motor. I was...
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    If you just installed the CP3 I think the cam and crank ended up far enough out of time it's throwing an error. Or the cam sprocket slipped in the slots if it was fine for a while. Check the physical timing, and confirm the crank Sensor wiring wasn't damaged somehow during the install
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    2014 cjaa timing belt tensioner will not fully adjust

    I had this happen with my INA tensioner from idparts last year as well, and even emailed with them to understand if anyone else had reported this. Ended up getting the pointer as close to the window as I could then tightened the nut without counter holding the tensioner and that got the pointer...
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    That's funny, ordered mine from darkside and the fmv connector also was broken. The packing job was terrible and the CP3 was bouncing around with a bunch of other stuff in the order. They were good about sending me a new FMV within a few days though.
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    A3 2.0 CR170 project

    Yes and yes. Sensor is crank case vent heater and ecu doesn't know if it's plugged in or not
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    I've done filter changes and even run straight from a bottle of diesel clean tucked in the engine bay then switched the hoses back to the lines to the fuel tank, and just running the in tank lift pump using vcds for a minute has always been fine. If your cp3 has the built in gear pump the high...
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    Thermostat replacement

    I did it pulling the actual triple square driver bit out of the 3/8 drive base then turning it with a small adjustable wrench. Didn't have a new oil cooler gasket on hand so it was worth a try
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    Clutch wear question/pressure plate question

    Pull #1 glow plug, drop a piece of tig welding rod or something else down there that's long and skinny enough. Rotate until it's as high as it gets. Check that the cam lock is also confirming what you're seeing. Make a mark on your flywheel with a punch and hit it with some nail polish
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    Are there lift points in the center and rear of 2012 Golf TDI

    I lift the rear from the center of the rear subframe, the front I have to do one side a time since the subframe is too far back to get a jack under and centered unless I drive up on ramps first
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    alignment on my 2014 JSW dilemma

    A "blown" shock won't change the alignment, the springs are what hold the weight of the car. Up front, you may have worn control arm bushings or other suspension components, or the subframe may need to be shifted slightly. Not much else they can do to adjust camber and caster on this suspension.
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    any reason to keep factory fuel filter with CAT 1r-0750

    I don't have a pic of mine, but looks basically like this: I've run the same filter before on my past TDIs lots of miles, changed it yearly. Didn't do it to extend filter change intervals just wanted a better filter element. Used a 5/16" barb union to connect the return lines and some trimming...
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    2013 TDI Suspension noise?

    Any recent suspension work? First guess would be sway bar bushings or endlink joints
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    any reason to keep factory fuel filter with CAT 1r-0750

    So far so good running just the cat 1r0750 in approx the factory location. Drilled the rivets from the factory filter housing to reuse the bracket with large hose clamps. Hpfp is fed from the filter, return goes to the tank.