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    clutch replacement.. it works fine but...

    Got mine replaced 2 years ago because it was starting to ''jerk'' when releasing clutch in 1st gear. I got a SACH kit. SMF, bearing, and friction plate. It has been fine since but for me the rattling at iddle is anoying. I also do lots of highway but in town at a red light, if you don't hold...
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    Replacement battery dimensions

    I don't know about your market prices but here in Canada the OEM battery from the dealer isn't more expensive than any other brands available and it is an excellent unit. I'm at my 7th VW diesel and our winters here are pretty nasty and I NEVER had any issues with the OEM batteries. My...
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    Abs and Esp Lights on!?

    A bad sensor can do this but also a bad wheel bearing. Don't have to be noisy to be bad. There is no rring as the previous models but this ring is on the surface of the bearing and part of it. After years, it ''disintegrates'' because of inner rust caused by time, humidity, salt etc... and the...
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    cold region air filter question

    OK guys, wait a minute !! I live in Montreal Canada where it does get really cold. Here filters are available in both forms ( with or without pre filter). It is true for both my A4 and A5. Wether you chose a cold region filter or not, besides the ''pre-filter'' foam, they are the same size...
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    TB Service

    I'm amazed on the number of people saying ''don't go to the dealer''. Up here (south shore of Montreal) my dealer has been great for the past 22 years and 7 VWs all diesel. Last summer they did the TB and ALL rolers , the tensionner and waterpump were also replaced. Just under $800 taxes...
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    2006 Jetta TDI secondary rediator fan

    If you do a search I wrote this back in june 2010. On my car it was the main (big) one that wasn't working and while being there, a replaced both. Fairly easy, remove belly pan, unplug the connector from the bottom. Remove intercooler's rubber pipe (90 degree pipe). Remove 2 bottom torx...
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    2006 Jetta sway bar bushings

    In Canada bushings are available as single units.
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    Engine Oil

    In 2 words, 505.01 is a mixture of additives and anti wear stuff. Many known manufacturer have it like Castrol TXT from dealer and the following companies. I used 15W40 in my 1985, 1989 and 1991 VW Diesels. Now have...
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    Oil change - 505.01 or synthetic 5W40?

    I live in Canada on the south shore from Montreal and I personnaly get my oil from my dealer and the price is better than elsewhere. Castrol TXT => 505.01 => 5W40 ;);):D Castrol SLX => 505.01 => 5W30 :) I've always used TXT, change every 10,000Km and now have 220,000Km on the clock. I'm...
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    two glow plug tips broke off

    When your done checking that your GPs are the correct ones for this car. Please change your battery it is now due after 5+years. Luc Montreal, Canada
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    two glow plug tips broke off

    You say nothing changed. Won't burn oil, runs fine. I also agree on the valve cover cap. Not an issue. My guess is that first, the ''damage'' is done by the GP tips is probably ''minor'' since you say it runs fine, I wouldn't worry. There is so much pressure in the chamber that when the exhaust...
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    First time with gelled fuel on 2010 Cup edition. VW Roadside SUCKS!

    I live on the south shore of Montreal and I've had 7 VW diesels so far and never had to put fuel conditionner up here. Mind you that I do keep some in the car just in case, but knock on wood never had gelled fuel. I do alot of travelling further north where we get the regular -38C. Maybe we...
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    BRM PD engine longevity?

    218,000Km here and Castrol TXT 5W40 purchased from dealer since day one and changed every 10,000Km. So far so good iddle as smooth as new. Luc South shore of Montreal, Canada
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    *** 2006.5 5-speed blew up, what are my options?

    Since I also have a 2006 BRM, I had spoken to my dealer about this a year ago after hearing a friend having this problem and they told me that they did see only a few BRMs having differential problems (bearings) at the beginning (2006). Unfortunately I can't find the info but words came out from...
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    New to me car Problems

    Do it with using the key. Unlock the door with key and leave the key in that position(turned ctr clock wise) until windows go all the way down. Now lock the doors with the key and again leave the key in this position (turned clock wise) until windows are completely closed. if this doesn't work...
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    Very slow start after sitting one day in the cold. 1yr old battery. What's going on?

    I had replaced my wife's battery july 2009 also with an original from VW witch I consider to be great batteries and june 2010 gone !! If you remove a battery cable instead of a fuse, it is as easy/quick and you will have a better picture of the TOTAL current drain with only one test...
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    Very slow start after sitting one day in the cold. 1yr old battery. What's going on?

    Starter, I doubt it. My suggestion is before trying to find thousands of maybes, first start the car and with a voltmeter you should get approx 14V+ at the battery. Then, remove any battery cable ( one only) and use an ampmeter inline between that cable and the battery post to check for possible...
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    Parking brake working only one side

    Again easy. You don't have to raise the car. You can see the little lever from behind the wheel under the car. Pull the hand brake and if the lever doesn't move, broken cable. I doubt that you have a seized caliper because you would have had uneven wear on your pads. P.S always use your hand...
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    2006 Jetta TDI - DMF-to-SMF Conversion??

    I replaced mine this past may with a Sachs SMF kit with a 22lbs flywheel. There is rattle and it gets a bit on my nerves but will not replace it a second time. Besides the RATTLE I like it. Rattle is more noticeable in hot summer days after long rides/traffic. Now that winter has arrived, it...
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    Dirty ABS sensor ?? Now wich one ??

    This past month my ABS light came on. Since I have no VAGCOM, I can't tell wich is ''defect''. Now this past week, 3 out of 5 times when I start the car the light will go off and all is in perfect working condition (ABS brakes and ESP) until I reach 30km/hr. Now my guess is that I must have a...