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  1. Salsa Red JSW TDI

    Salsa Red JSW TDI

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    New 2015 Deal Offered Me

    USED? unless it's been titled, it's still considered NEW.
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    Actual Purchases of 2015 Stop-Sale (NEW TDI's)

    What's confusing me is the $5K is from VW and does not eat into the dealer's margin. If one were to get more than the $5K off the price would the dealer sales amount change. This is crazy and so glad I'm not in the market.
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    The dealer staff "ambassador" mentioned that our car turned in on Sat was going to be picked up on Mon from dealer lot and obviously going to some regional location for it's next step in it's life.
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    With the $$ in the account today - we are officially done with this whole #Dieselgate issue. The process was pretty painless in reality just really unfortunate with a car we really enjoyed. It's replacement is behind our former TDI JSW.
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Ours went fine today and the guy "Larry" sure didn't know how to start a KESSY TDI ;) and after explaining (push once, wait, push/hold again and then expressing your foot has to be on the brake, we were good) and I got $450 MORE from the offer letter coming our way! :) Waiting for the Chase...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    I might have posted this already, but we got a 2017 Subaru Forester Touring, been overall very pleased. I will say the VW seats are more comfortable for longer rides thou. Our TDI becomes VW's TDI on Sat 12/17
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    In Arizona, it's a "Plate to owner" state so you keep your plates OR turn in for credit of unused paid registered time. In our case, we've already purchased the replacement but waiting until this BB is done before transferring the personal plate from #DasPoluter to our Subaru to prevent any...
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    They needed it originally to validate the buyback but current state doesn't seem to matter and honestly, why would it.
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    Turn-In Condition Thread!

    the chip won't even matter. Good to go!
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    What to say to car salesmen when you're waiting for your TDI buyback $$?

    I had a rude "sales person" at the first dealer I went to as we talked about why we were looking at vehicles "Everyone has a check...." in a sarcastic tone and rolled eyes.... Needless to say I called him out on it and that dealer did NOT earn or get my sale on our Subaru purchase....
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    Car replacement

    2017 Subaru Forester Touring 2.5i - no more VWAG products in the foreseeable future for us.
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    Anyone negotiate off MSRP with Subaru?

    Oh yes for sure! Contact Tom Karros Sr. at Shortline Subaru in Aurora, CO and he will cut you a deal (he did for me back in Sept) - if you contact him tell him Chris & Linda sent you. We love our Forester!
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    Started car for first time in two weeks. ut oh

    mine sits for weeks sometimes right now and fires up without issue.
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    Why am I not eligible for compensation? F@#k VW!

    FROM: Section - "I sold my car after Sept 18, 2015 ...." Class members who have sold their eligible vehicle between September 18, 2015 and June 28, 2016 receive the Seller Restitution because they no longer possess the vehicle to pursue a Buyback or...
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    Scheduled my turn-in

    having him sign a power of attorney will really help you out here.
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    Scheduled my turn-in

    Docs Submitted 9/29 Docs Accepted 10/20 VW Buyback Offer letter 11/12 Submitted signed/notarized offer letter 11/14 VW Approved buyback to schedule turn-in 11/15 Buy Back appointment to turn in 12/17 (First date available)
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    Got an offer email

    Getting my notarized today and will upload this afternoon.
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    Got an offer email

    YAY!! Got our offer letter! Now to get it Notarized and back to VW! It's almost over!
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    Other car manufacturers went to dealers

    Subaru - that would be 2014 ^^ and yes that issue is no longer an issue.