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  1. Rudolf Diesel

    Mk5 Jetta Oil Analysis

    I know this is old news but thought I would post anyway. One cam lobe was square and one lifter was blown through at time of cam R&R ~20k miles ago.
  2. Rudolf Diesel

    Buzzing relays. MK5 ecodes

    I attempted to upgrade my headlight circuit for better output and the option to add higher watt bulbs for an up and coming ecode installation. everything wired up nicely and worked fine. When I started the car with the lights on the relays started to buzz. I isolated the grounds from the lights...
  3. Rudolf Diesel

    Mk5 ecode terminal part number

    thanks! i will consider this.
  4. Rudolf Diesel

    Mk5 ecode terminal part number

    yes, plan on running higher wattage bulbs.
  5. Rudolf Diesel

    Mk5 ecode terminal part number

    I will be installing e codes with relays and need to verify the terminal part numbers. So far I have found these: 000979133 = 3-7209 (most terminals on car 1.0mm wire) 000979225 = 3-7212 (same as 000979133 but for 2.5mm wire) on this thread:
  6. Rudolf Diesel

    1998 Jetta Hella e-codes

    i smacked a deer tonight and shattered my passenger side hella ecode. all i can find are the smoked asian derivation. anyone know where i can get a passenger hella ecode?
  7. Rudolf Diesel

    Feeler: Possibly Selling 91 Eco Diesel

    Will be posted on ebay sometime next week.
  8. Rudolf Diesel

    Feeler: Possibly Selling 91 Eco Diesel

    What is the going rate for an eco diesel these days. Might be selling my 91 eco diesel if I can get my hands on a 2000 Jetta TDI that I have been looking at. It has 300k miles, sunroof, faded red paint and the original clutch. Motor runs strong. Would like to get at least a grand for it.
  9. Rudolf Diesel

    Bilstein TCs installed on rear, but....

    I replaced the upper and lower shock mounts. The old lower shock mount is pictured on the right. The car rides much better with no thunk thunk clunk.
  10. Rudolf Diesel

    Bilstein TCs installed on rear, but....

    Thanks for the info. Will those passat numbers work on my jetta? 191-512-335 191-512 333
  11. Rudolf Diesel

    Bilstein TCs installed on rear, but....

    Can you go into detail about which rubber pieces you replaced? I did rear shocks on my 98 Jetta and I am getting the thunk thunk noise that is driving me up a wall. I was thinking about replacing the two rubbers that sit above and below the shock tower plus the metal cylider that sits over the...
  12. Rudolf Diesel

    91 Eco Diesel Water Trap

    It is actually my brothers Eco. That darn flashing coolant light is what got me into trouble. My brother had no idea why his was flashing so i looked it up in the owners manual and it noted that the water trap was probably full. Anyway, it has 295k miles on it with the original clutch. It is an...
  13. Rudolf Diesel

    91 Eco Diesel Water Trap

    I have a leaking water trap (located by the fuel tank) due to the snapping of a certain plastic part. A new water trap is $250. Does anyone have a work around for this bastard part? is it necessary? I was thinking of bypassing it totally and letting the fuel filter do the water trapping. Thoughts.
  14. Rudolf Diesel

    1998 Jetta stuck driver door

    Bryan, I had the same problem with my 98 Jetta on the rear passenger handles. I ordered a new handle for $20. A door handle with a lock will cost you $27 at made in germany too. It would be wise to lube the door latch mechanism that comes in contact with the striker as these...
  15. Rudolf Diesel

    coolant question I need help

    I have been using Prestone extended (orange color) life for the last two years without any problems. You must, however, perform a complete flush prior to switching over to a different type of coolant. Read this link under coolant: Read this also...
  16. Rudolf Diesel

    Brake shoe problems 98 Jetta

    Get a file and run it across the edge of the drum. This because the shoes wear the inner part of the drum and leave a lip.
  17. Rudolf Diesel

    exhaust's time!!!

    exhaust\'s time!!! I went to a stainless exhaust shop and had a "straight pipe" put in from the down pipe to the muffler since mine busted. We removed the cat and resonator. Most muufler shops will have the equipment to make the necessary bends needed to run the straight pipe...
  18. Rudolf Diesel

    Dealer horror story *DELETED*

    Re: Dealer horror story Sorry for your loss
  19. Rudolf Diesel

    CCV Breather Leak

    I was thinking of plugging mine also. I dont think it will be too long before the pipe cracks again. How long have you had yours capped at the engine?