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  1. visortgw

    Horrible Buy Back Experience .. The Worst.

    1) Another question is why wouldn't VWGoA have a way to directly send the checks to the buyback agent as opposed to blindly routing them through the dealership? 2) Or, is the small check possibly the remainder after paying off loan?
  2. visortgw

    Now what? DMV?

    In New York, you MUST return plates to DMV prior to cancelling insurance. There is a $1 fee to complete the transaction, but the state will refund unused registration fee if you have at least a year left on the two-year registration.
  3. visortgw

    Will 15" wheels fit on 2014 TDI and TPMS?

    The 2014 Golf TDI most likely has no TPMS sensors. Recent VWs use the ABS sensors to determine rotational speed of each wheel to determine tire pressure changes -- less pressure results is smaller diameter with faster rotational speed.
  4. visortgw

    Can VW force ECU update/flash for warranty speaker replacement?

    Check the details of the campaign that they want to apply. Is it a recall or TSB? Dealers are obligated to install recalls, but not TSBs when a vehicle is in for service.
  5. visortgw

    BOSCH and up-date from HMG (CAS) Attorney

    Definitely not more than four times the cost (or six times for lessees!)! :confused: :mad: :eek:
  6. visortgw

    Bosch Class Action Lawsuit

    ABSOLUTELY! I am drafting a formal objection (not opt out) letter to the Court as we speak. Edit: Letter sent to Judge Charles R Breyer (via Clerk of Court) with copies to Elizabeth J Cabraser (Class Counsel) and Matthew D Slater (Defense Council) per the instructions in the settlement...
  7. visortgw

    Court Documents Now Forbid Stripping TDIs

    The quotes with the new, stricter verbiage are from court documents for the 3.0L TDI settlement, not the 2.0L TDI settlement. AFAIK, nothing has changed in the official documents for the 2.0L TDIs.
  8. visortgw

    Reversed Electronic funds by VW from my account

    Without any prior notification?!? Is that legal? :eek: (I guess that it doesn't matter -- VWGoA and their subcontractors do what they wish...)
  9. visortgw

    How long after buyback closing is a bank loan paid off?

    Correct. VWGoA (or anyone else) cannot transfer the title without a lien release which, of course, follows the loan payoff. Five days (which VWGoA agreed to!) is a perfectly reasonable timeline to complete a payoff. Maybe VWGoA should be banned from moving the vehicles off premises until the...
  10. visortgw

    Vw refused to buy back my car?

    From the transcript of the latest hearing in front of Judge Breyer, VW's lawyer (Robert Giuffra, Esq) stated that unintentional damage would be allowed: "Now, under the settlement agreement there was an allowance made for class members whose vehicles were in accidents or otherwise suffered from...
  11. visortgw

    Vw refused to buy back my car? or 800.948.2181.
  12. visortgw

    How long after buyback closing is a bank loan paid off?

    You should ask them to read the settlement document, page 35 (Document 2104): "XIII. Claims Processing. E. For Eligible Owners with an outstanding Loan Obligation, payment shall be sent to that Eligible Owner’s lender within 5 business days of completion of the Eligible Owner’s Buyback." This...
  13. visortgw

    Buyback completed tonight

    I initially thought the same, but that has not been the case. If you respond immediately, you should receive a deposit in your account the next morning based on my experience as well as that of many others. The Chase EFT appears to be the one thing in this entire process that happens on time...
  14. visortgw

    Lease Termination Appointments Starting - How did yours go?

    No such thing with VW Credit either, but I insisted that I needed something in writing before my next payment was due since there had been so many miscommunications throughout the lease termination process. It was not built into their system, but someone manually generated it.
  15. visortgw

    Is there somewhere to file a complaint against the buyback program?

    And to make matters worse, the local dealership's service department overwrote my Malone tune by applying the 23O6 service bulletin (technically not even recall) when the car was in for a connecting arm bushing under warranty -- both the service manager and service advisor were aware that the...
  16. visortgw

    Did anyone get the chase e-mail today?

    Definition of "escalate": get rid of current caller and move on to the next call. :rolleyes:
  17. visortgw

    Are lease restitution payments adjusted for late payments?

    VW Credit is basically saying that they have no role in the TDI early lease termination process. When they receive the payoff from VWGoA (which, of course, they are a part of), they will release the lessee from further payments -- they have no plan to prorate the final payment prior to the...
  18. visortgw

    Just my check!!

    When you schedule your appointment via the portal.
  19. visortgw

    Reporting sale to VW after buyback?

    In New York, you cannot cancel the insurance until either: You transfer plates/insurance to another car. You turn in plates to the DMV and provide the insurance company with the DMV receipt for the plates (tear off half).