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  1. boraTDI04

    Indy - I-465

    it might have been me, but i drive 465 from meridian to michigan morn. and evening. thanx for noticing
  2. boraTDI04

    2003 Jetta Auto transmission problem

    have u checked the fluid? do u know how to chk the fluid?
  3. boraTDI04

    Hey, guys A.B.S PROBLEM !

    no, i wouldnt worry. and please, dont take it to the dealer, they will say there is something wrong. have u had the wheels off lately?
  4. boraTDI04

    Do you really want a 08 tdi

    yes i do want the 08. its just a little more maintenance for the diy'r. and hopefully we will be running more cleaner and efficient than this hybrid craze which has a pretty big bandwagon now that this new battery is supposed to be eco-friendly or something.
  5. boraTDI04

    04 Jetta "shimmy" help me!

    get under the front of yr pd and grab hold of your ball joints and give em a good shake, if they move or u see any rips in the rubber boots replace them. do u have stock steelies? if so, they may not ne perfectly round.
  6. boraTDI04

    Coolant was low, then magically wasn't

    well the system is under pressure while the engine is running, which would explain why it is lower while running. but i would assume level is low
  7. boraTDI04

    Serious Water Damage...

    i heard of katrina vehicles unprotected metal and dash undersides still having that biohazard waste dried and soaked into everything. this volunteer firefighter was called to a wreck and turns out the totaled car came from katrina and cut his hand through his glove and the cut became infected...
  8. boraTDI04


    how many miles do u have? have u checked yr egr and seen if there is any build-up obstructing air flow. how bout yr intake tubing, assuming u have the stock recirc. ccv
  9. boraTDI04


    yeah, sorry i call it a bird screen, i knew of someone that found a small bird, thats just where i get the name, same thing
  10. boraTDI04


    well my answer will be very broad since i assume u havent checked easy stuff. whats yr air filter look like? whens the last time yr fuel filter was changed? how does yr bird screen look like?
  11. boraTDI04

    TDI Started Burning Oil Unexpectedly

    and u have the stock recirc. ccv right? or the filtered version?
  12. boraTDI04

    TDI Started Burning Oil Unexpectedly

    i know its stupid but think basic first, how many miles on your oil change?
  13. boraTDI04

    Uneven Brake wear?

    is the contact area on your rotors the same as the pads? do u have floating calipers or what type of brake sys. are we working with?
  14. boraTDI04

    INDY: black a4 wagen @96th & michigan

    :confused: im gonna try one more time to unite tdi lovers in indy, u were at the light headed east, i tried to get your attention. i believe u tried to ignore me. i threw u a peace sign. (i dont know what it is with vw drivers in indy, they think they are better than on another, mean muggin and...
  15. boraTDI04

    Interior Cleaning

    mr. clean makes this magic eraser, works great. also, wisk makes this refillable blue scrub thing that is foamy and works great as well, my wife got it at wal-mart and dries in 1-2min. since it is foam. no complaints, and takes out anything i have come across, even great dane monster slobber
  16. boraTDI04

    Should I be Rustproofing My VW??

    im assuming u are talking about under body washes with chemicals and stuff along w/ waxing paint, etc. right?
  17. boraTDI04

    Indiana People

    hey yall
  18. boraTDI04

    Sudden Severe Vibration

    chk wheel bearings. raise front end and chk for excessive wheel play moving it from side to side and up and down. make sure the are greased throughly
  19. boraTDI04

    Battery light blinking (did search)

    i would say belt tensioner, whats the battery read while the car is running? 13.5-14 V should be the range for a properly working V.R.
  20. boraTDI04

    brake light flash and beep????

    chk fluid level, is your e-brake handle up? if not, chk the the e-brake cable.