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  1. Scrounger

    Lehigh Valley PA VW shops

    Do you have a better link. That link does not work.
  2. Scrounger

    Lehigh Valley PA VW shops

    Bummer, not a one is remotely close to me. Going to have to do some research on local indies.
  3. Scrounger

    Lehigh Valley PA VW shops

    All I'm looking for an independent shop that can work on my Jetta and GTI. After getting nailed for $430 for a thermostat change. Love the dealer but the labor costs are just crazy.
  4. Scrounger

    Jetta bluetooth

    Is their a secret step in pairing a HTC One M8 to a '13 Jetta TDI. No matter what I do the pairing fails. Phone pairs with everything else fine but cant seem to get it to pair with the car. Any suggestions?
  5. Scrounger


    What is the availability date for the 2015. Can't seem to see anything that shows any north American dates.
  6. Scrounger

    Front license plate bracket holes

    Well for me it was they did not have the car I wanted nor did any PA dealers so they had to go to MD for mine and they require a plate. Sorta didnt have a choice in the matter.
  7. Scrounger

    Stanadyne at Autozone

    I was looking at this too. I was wondering since this is a demolsifier will the tdi fuel filter catch the water in it. I didn't think that the car had a separator on it for the fuel.
  8. Scrounger

    FS: 2012 VW Touareg TDI

    The link does not work in your post.
  9. Scrounger

    2012 Passat TDI SEL <40K miles

    The local dealer has one on the lot for 32k.
  10. Scrounger

    FS: 2010 Jetta TDI 26k DSG Bloomsburg, PA

    What are you asking for it?
  11. Scrounger

    Auto unlock doors

    Is it possible to have all four doors unlock when the drivers door is opened? The Jetta is a 2013 and I can find anything in the manual about it.
  12. Scrounger

    Is there a 5W-40 507.00 oil?

    I was in Advance Auto today looking at oil, trying to see if I can change the oil cheaper than the dealer. It might be wash with the per quart prices I'm seeing. But back to Advance Auto, asked them for oil for a CR 2.0L TDI from VW and they said we use any 10W30 in it. They had zero 507...
  13. Scrounger

    What is a tune and why would I want one

    Do any of the tunes help with fuel mileage or they purely for pore improvements? I don't think the warranty issue would concern me at all personally.
  14. Scrounger

    Accessory plug capabilities

    Can the new Jetta and Passat charge two iPads at the same time? They are both 2A chargers so I was a bit concerned about what the car could handle on the front and rear accessory plugs. Regards, matthew
  15. Scrounger

    Euro Switch

    That is exactly what we did. I would have thought the top of the line TDI would be like the GLI. Boy was I wrong.
  16. Scrounger

    2013 Jetta TDI issues?

    My '13 only has a 1000 miles or so on it but so far perfect. A few squeaks that seem to be impossible to locate and that is about it. I wish the paint was in better shape however for a new car. More imperfections that I would expect from VW.
  17. Scrounger

    Changing fuel filter

    The neighbor just did a fuel filter change on his '13 and he said he just replaced it and then started the car. I thought you have the use the VCDS to cycle the fuel pumps on the later year cars.
  18. Scrounger

    Lamest question ever [Mk6 arm rest]

    I thought my mirrors where broken since I had the rear defroster on and the mirrors still had ice on them. I never knew the middle setting was for defrost and the dealer certainly never told me. I learn something new every day I guess.