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  1. peobryant

    So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye

    I'm in the same boat. I had planned on keeping my '10 TDI but after a few issues with it and realizing that I have essentially driven the car for free if I sell it back, I went searching for another truck. I have a '91 Cummins already and I was originally looking for a 2nd gen 12 valve, but I...
  2. peobryant

    For Sale: CP3 Pump and Installation Kit

    I've seen the PM's and I will respond to them tomorrow on my off day. I've been getting forced for 16 hour days at work so I've just been sleeping and working and haven't had time to reply to anyone yet. I'm not ignoring anyone, just haven't had time.
  3. peobryant

    For Sale: CP3 Pump and Installation Kit

    I have decided to sell my common rail back to VW so I no longer need my CP3 pump. I contacted Andrew (2micron) directly and ordered from his source, with his help, so this is coming directly from the person who I believe pioneered this swap. The pump was shipped to me a few months ago and it has...
  4. peobryant

    Dealer vs Independent?

    If you aren't close to a TDI guru then I'd try to find an independent shop that has experience with the TDI engine. If you can't find one with a good reputation then I suppose a dealer would do, but again, make sure they have experience with the TDI. My local dealer are very nice people with...
  5. peobryant

    Replace HPFP as preventive maintenance?

    A CP3 pump would be a smart install if you plan on keeping your car and you're past 120K miles in my opinion. If you install another CP4 pump you're still at risk for an expensive failure.
  6. peobryant

    2012 Jetta TDI shut off

    The fuel filter is supposed to be changed every 20K miles so it should be part of the 80K service.
  7. peobryant

    '10 TDI Glow Plug Light Flashing, Check Engine Message

    Edit: Disregard, the problem has been solved. Turned out to be an issue with the throttle pedal.
  8. peobryant

    Official list of HPFP Failures

    Update: His car was towed to our local VW dealership on Saturday the 30th. They said they couldn't look at it until Monday and if it was the HPFP they would have to send off a fuel sample and it may be a few weeks for them to get confirmation that the car would be fixed under warranty. They...
  9. peobryant

    TDI Misfueling Guard

    An update: A5INKY, our local guru, confirmed that the HPFP has failed. The car will be towed to our local VW dealer so we'll see what happens there. Also, just to clear some things up, my brother bought the car without the misfueling guard and was never contacted by VW with the warranty...
  10. peobryant

    Official list of HPFP Failures

    Year: 2010 Build Date: Make/Model: Golf (2 door) Tranny: 6 speed manual Mileage: 68,xxx Additives: No Problem: While pulling away from a traffic light the car stalled and would not restart, glow plug light was flashing on dashboard. Status: Our local guru just got back to my brother today (it...
  11. peobryant

    considering a 2010 Golf TDI

    Now is the best time to get one, usually the TDI equipped cars carry a significant premium over the other engines but with the emissions scandal prices have plummeted for now. What exactly would you like to know?
  12. peobryant

    TDI starts fine then stalls

    Sounds like it could be the intercooler icing or the engine ingesting water. Take a look at the thread below for more information.
  13. peobryant

    Fuel efficiency confusion

    When my car was stock I noticed my MFD would be a few mpg high as well, since I got my Malone Stage II tune though the MFD actually seems to be a few mpg low and my hand calculated numbers are higher.
  14. peobryant

    Which exhaust system??

    You're very welcome. I haven't had my XJ long (a little over a year) but I love it. The 4.0 is a great engine and it has been dead nuts reliable apart from the original starter failing a few days ago. It gets about 18-20 mpg on the highway too, which isn't half bad. You'll need a tune if you...
  15. peobryant

    Which exhaust system??

    I have a full 3 inch straight pipe exhaust from BuzzKen and I couldn't be happier. BuzzKen and Rawtek seem to be the best exhaust systems for our cars, if you're interested in hearing what my car sounds like take a look at this video.
  16. peobryant

    Intercooler freezing issue

    It doesn't really matter anyway, many people still had intercooling freezing issues even with the updated intercooler.
  17. peobryant

    Radio - play from stick ?

    I've been using this card for the past 4 or so months and it has worked flawlessly. Pop it right into the radio and it recognized all my MP3 files...
  18. peobryant

    Straight Pipe and Malone Tune Quick Drive Video

    I'm at 118K miles on my car so I plan on doing a CP3 pump within the next couple years. When I do that a bigger turbo and more aggressive tune (along with a clutch, I'm sure) will be following shortly after. That is the plan at least. :D
  19. peobryant

    Straight Pipe and Malone Tune Quick Drive Video

    Hey everybody, I've been reading a lot of comments here about people being interested in straight piping their cars along with a tune. On another diesel forum that I frequent I had a gentleman request I take a video of my car so he can see what it sounds like before he pulls the trigger. So I...
  20. peobryant

    Do You *COOL TURBO ** Before Shutdown

    Yes, I let my car idle for about 15-20 seconds before I shut it down. I know I don't have to, it is just a habit I picked up with my 1st Gen Cummins. I did the same thing with my '85 300D as well.