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  1. Diesel_Mikey

    Random airbag deployment!?

    Forgive me if I should have put this in the A4-platform category, but since the car in question (my mom's 2003 Golf) is a gasser and it's not engine-related anyway, I figured it belonged more here. At any rate, I just got home from an interesting way to observe Mothers' Day: my mom was driving...
  2. Diesel_Mikey

    OMG! VW may join NASCAR

    NASCAR outlived its usefulness, ironically, around the same time it exploded in popularity. As one player in a wide range of American racing where several disciplines enjoyed a decent following, it was interesting. As the 800 pound gorilla that has destroyed the rest of the US racing scene by...
  3. Diesel_Mikey

    A moral dilemma

    By a fellow douchebag. Sorry, but if you wedge your car into half a spot, there's a good chance your car gets damaged even if the guy in the next spot-and-a-half isn't a tool who takes it upon himself to key your could very easily get whacked with a door or scraped as the other guy...
  4. Diesel_Mikey

    Got a Yellow light ticket! (long)

    You might as well be obsequious with traffic cops, it can't hurt, but I have yet to find it helps, either. Guess I just haven't met the right ones. The last one I encountered just seemed to get pissed off when I basically said he was right and I was wrong. After I got spooked by how fast the...
  5. Diesel_Mikey

    How NOT to accessorize your VW...

    Wait, what? Is there a car there? It must be invisible or something ... all I see is trees. ;)
  6. Diesel_Mikey

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    If we're going to talk about the weak dollar, let's not pretend it happened overnight: ; . That said, I paid $2.659 yesterday, about 6 cents more than RUG.
  7. Diesel_Mikey

    VW recalls 09'-10 DSG's

    Rudolf (that would be my rather unimaginatively named '09 DSG...though I've been surprised how few people actually get the reference without a quick history lesson...) goes in for a re-flash Saturday. I'm just curious if anyone who's had the recall fix done has run into any trouble after the...
  8. Diesel_Mikey

    How NOT to accessorize your VW...

    Those are just a crime against humanity. I'm not sure whether it's more of an insult to the car or to the poor schmucks who have to drive around in it.
  9. Diesel_Mikey

    Forgotten 'clean fuel' seeks respect

    Sorry, I just had to repeat the greatest sentence in the history of automotive journalism: "I prefer the four-door Golf, which was the test car, because access to the second row seats is much easier than it is in the two-door Golf." I would also have accepted "I prefer the four-wheel Golf...
  10. Diesel_Mikey

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Seen it anywhere from 2.549 to 3.059. I paid 2.799 last week at the BP on 12th Street just this side of the Holland Tunnel. It's worth pointing out that (a) the stations going towards the tunnel have seemingly random pricing for both D2 and all three grades of gas...typically higher than average...
  11. Diesel_Mikey

    Maybe if they take care of issues instead

    Don't be so sure... First off, It's hard to make an argument that VW's North American lineup is bad as a result of neglect...I think it's quite the opposite. Well, except the part about the bad lineup...I'll grant you that that's definitely true. But if anything it's bad because they're trying...
  12. Diesel_Mikey

    Happy Halloween TDI Club!!

    Nicely done. A little strange, but very cool (just like all us TDI owners :cool: ).
  13. Diesel_Mikey

    nice dasher

    Too bad there's no such thing as a "Volkswagon." It never ceases to amaze me that people can OWN one that they're trying to sell, but can't figure out how to spell it. Particularly inexcusable on pre-1988 cars that had it spelled out right on the back of the car. Nice car, though...don't see...
  14. Diesel_Mikey

    Ugliest Cars of the World Club Gains New Member

    Well, I know Buicks are popular in China, so I guess they figured a waterfall grille was a sign of luxury...and the bigger the grille, the more luxurious the car. The blog post tries to say the car's not that bad aside from the grille, but I beg to differ. It's like someone crossbred...
  15. Diesel_Mikey

    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    I must admit that having lived in New Jersey my whole life, I always have to shake off a bit of rust the first time I fill up on a trip away from home soil, but I manage. I do remember, though, that the first time I did it (back in my crazy college days, filling up my then-girlfriend's Plymouth...
  16. Diesel_Mikey

    Best way to drive up a parking garage

    You must be in charge of the training program for the International Brotherhood of Guys Who Dent Your Car Then Expect a Tip (i.e. the parking valets' union) :D .
  17. Diesel_Mikey

    Sad offerings from VW for 2009 and 2010.

    That's always been my understanding, too. I'm actually not sure why the shift has been AWAY from straight-6's to V6's other than possibly packaging, since the V6 block is obviously shorter. That was the idea behind the VR6, as they hoped to combine the best qualities of both layouts into one.
  18. Diesel_Mikey

    2010 TDI Golf one of five finalists for 2010 green car of the year

    Sad but true. We're still stuck on this "no replacement for displacement" stupidity, even in circles that are fairly knowledgeable about automotive technology. Anyone who thinks 1.5 liters isn't enough displacement should recall that in the 1980s F1 was dominated by 1.5L turbo power plants...
  19. Diesel_Mikey

    Chevy Cobalt vs TDI Golf or Jetta?

    I had been holding out for the return of the Golf TDI, but I had to shop sooner than intended due to circumstances beyond my control, so I went with the Jetta. I haven't regretted it yet...the utility of the Golf's hatch would have been nice, but I've managed all right without it. In your case...
  20. Diesel_Mikey

    Yeah Right!

    If consumers weren't stupid, Ford would have been out of business a long time ago :cool: .