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  1. jni3

    Tires in Annapolis, Md

    I got a great quote from them also. I just can't find the time to make it there to get the tires installed.
  2. jni3

    Good Deal 2013 Golf?

    Where at in va? I seen some between Russel and King (Colonial or Stohlman if you entertain 2 door) around the DC area a bit under $23K that I'm sure you could haggle against each other for a great deal.
  3. jni3

    Buy extended warranty or not?

    There will always be a lot of mixed feeling regarding extended warranties. Some believe it's a waste of money while others don't. If you've ever used/needed it then you might be one to always buy them. I've utilized mine several times on multiple vehicles but that could be because I have bad...
  4. jni3

    2010+ Sportwagen with DSG in the snow?

    I believe you will always get mixed reviews. I think the driving depends mostly on the driver whether it's manual or automatic. Most of the people I know will always prefer manual over automatic in snowy conditions. Snow tires are usually a good investment if you get quite a bit of...
  5. jni3

    Locating a '12/13 Golf TDI..

    i used truecar and thought i got a decent quote from dealership #1. then dealership #2 called me and offered 2k less (without knowing i had the the truecar price) then dealership #1. so i contacted the dealership #1 and asked what give. the guy tried to pull a fast one and then while on the...
  6. jni3

    Renew Key Battery Message in MFD

    if the battery came in a pack of two, I recommend keeping the spare in the glove box. so you will always know where it's at for next time. that's what I do.
  7. jni3

    Rear foglight for 2013 Jetta Sportswagon

    most people customize their cars for different reasons. if they guy wants to spend his money on the upgrade who are we to steer him away from it? there are a lot of people on these forums that have unnecessary upgrades.
  8. jni3

    Locating a '12/13 Golf TDI..

    I seen the one you wrote about in Fairfax. If you're dead set on getting the car I'm sure you could get a decent price to get it sent to you. I have a 2012 and I got $48XX off sticker so I definitely wouldn't pay anywhere near what they want.
  9. jni3

    New 2012 Golf TDI DSG with 124 miles for $21,500?

    ask the dealership to supply the carfax. it's the least they could do. if you're doubting what the sales guy told you about the car, call and talk to the general manager.
  10. jni3

    Renew Key Battery Message in MFD

    I've been waiting for a year for peter to get more. he's a great vendor for anyone who goes through him.
  11. jni3

    Still getting O2 sensor codes

    if you got the extended warranty i would take it to the local dealership and utilize what you paid for.
  12. jni3

    Just wondering...

    i read somewhere that can be recoded. i think my buddy recoded mine a few months back but i haven't had to try it out yet.
  13. jni3

    Frozen Windshield Washer Res

    I've never noticed if mine freezes up. usually when I need it the engine compartment probably thawed it out already.
  14. jni3

    Urgent for Email from Sirius/XM Subscribers!

    sat radio is great when cell coverage sucks. I live in the forest filled hills where cell reception sucks.
  15. jni3

    How I special ordered my '14 JSW and am still getting a great deal.

    I only use the club or true car prices for starting point because you can always find lower.
  16. jni3

    Audi wants more diesels/so do most Americans

    i'm with you on this.
  17. jni3

    2012 Golf TDI air intake hose replacement

    that's good that the dealership is going to be taking care of this for you. but this is the very reason i have the extended warranty. you never know about some of those dealerships out there.
  18. jni3

    Door Puddle Lights

    i got the led puddle lights from bold-sport and they were a great investment. i have the autodimming mirror, but i'm waiting on a few other things before i get them all installed.