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  1. Budrow 3

    Need Your Thoughts and Prayers for Chris of Langhorne VW

    ^ that news that he's improving is a big sigh of relief. i've been able to buy a car from Chris Farnham this past september. even tho it was vwcpo and not even a tdi, he made the car buying experience the easiest and best i've ever known, on par with the others i'd heard of on these and other...
  2. Budrow 3

    TDI Truth & Dare

    i haven't seen it posted yet. it seems to be a nice little website. tdi truth & dare. enjoy.
  3. Budrow 3

    2010 TDI golf confirmed for North America

    I just found this on edmunds. not sure if it'll stay these prices, but they look right to me. 2.5 2 door $17,490 2.5 4 door $18,090 TDI 2 door $21,990 TDI 4 door $22,590 GTI 2 door $23,290 GTI 4 door $23,890 so when can we order them? i'm ready now!