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  1. FlRodent

    Received offer 1 hour ago

    made the visit to see the dentist painless... I'll fill in the details later.
  2. FlRodent

    Waiting for buyback offer... To maintain or not?

    I am 1,000 over on the 40k service myself....
  3. FlRodent

    Non-VW loan being delayed?

    Documents accepted 11-21-16. Crickets since then.
  4. FlRodent

    Poll: Have your buyback documents been accepted

    22 days for me. Privately financed.
  5. FlRodent

    Portal Chat

    I saw that last week as well..... unable to connect.
  6. FlRodent

    So long and thanks for all the fish...

    Congratulations. Best wishes for the next ride.:D
  7. FlRodent

    Offer Letter Just Received

    Since 11-10 for me...