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  1. sandy

    How to video: On car VE injection pump seal replacement video

    I did the top 2 seals on the car and it went very smooth. Had to make a small adjustment on the quantity adjuster. It was all good. Hoping that would cure the leak but still weeps from the head seal. Not comfortable doing this part on the car. Being here in Atlantic Canada the pump is way too...
  2. sandy

    How to video: On car VE injection pump seal replacement video

    I have watched the how to video on this head seal replacement. It is very well done. Two thumbs up.... I have also seen the write up on Dieselgeeks site and have some concerns on a statement he makes. " Please note that the 1Z and AHU engines have shorter internal springs and are statistically...
  3. sandy

    AHU actuator adjustment

    I have to replace the wastegate actuator on my 98 TDI. It has a KKK turbo. Is the rod adjustment done with preload or lbs pressure.
  4. sandy

    Wtb; a3 tdi cluster

    Looking for an A3 (97-99) TDI (AHU) cluster. Standard transmission. Miles or kilometers.
  5. sandy

    Limp mode and replacing wastegate actuator?

    I went through the same thing. The actuator was half full of oil. Applying air pressure to only half of the diaphram causes the arm to bind and the engine to overboost. Remove the actuator, drain the oil and then chek it with air pressure. Check to see that the N75 valve is working proper and...
  6. sandy

    Underside body plugs

    Replaced quite a few of them . Available at the dealer for about .75 part# N-102-265-01
  7. sandy

    Vibrating N75 Valve - no power

    I'm having the same issue....what was the problem?
  8. sandy

    Speedometer Fix you've been waiting for!

    I've used this place and was more than happy with the service. They now also do cruise modules.
  9. sandy

    Wtb Tdi Emblem

    Thanks for the link.:)
  10. sandy

    Wtb Tdi Emblem

    Looking for a TDI emblem for the grille of an A3 Jetta
  11. sandy

    98 Jetta TDI parts

    Please check your email. TKS
  12. sandy

    Weird Chirpin noise?

    Hi, new to this forum. I have a 03 Golf TDI with100km. This chirping sound has bothered me for some time now and i'm a little concerned. It seemed to start shortly after I replaced the serpentine belt and tensioner. On a cold start I sprayed water on the belt; no change. On another cold start I...