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    Trusted TDI Mechanics/Shops in the Vancouver (GVRD) Area

    I'm sure any of the shops listed above will still be able to service your regular (I'm guessing this means non TDI) Beetle. But as you might have figured out from the name of this forum this is primarily about and for TDIs
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    Vancouver Island TDI members

    I have a Hex-Can cable but I'm in Victoria. I'm sure there's someone closer
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    BC TDI club

    Not on here much these days but there's lots of BC members here Link
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics/Shops in the Victoria (CRD) Area

    Hey Ken, take the car to Jason at Ellice Automotive and tell him I sent you. He worked at the dealership for over 25 years until the recent ownership change and he's a great guy who won't throw unnecessary work/parts at your car just to try and make a buck. He will give you the straight goods...
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    Reputable shop in Portland, Oregon

    And if Justin is booked, you can always go see Rich at Fix'Um Auto Haus
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics/Shops in the Vancouver (GVRD) Area

    You would probably have better luck getting responses if you started your own thread, instead of posting in this post as this is specific to the Greater Vancouver Mainland area. Good luck with your search.
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    Fueling up on West Coast

    Never left, just been quietly watching :rolleyes:
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    Fueling up on West Coast

    Download the Gas Buddy app and easily find stations near your location with diesel fuel and it shows prices too
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    BC Roll Call

    You can always look at this thread. It's older so you have to change the settings to show thread older than a year. Be sure to add yourself to the list by copying/pasting so it will show the entire updated list and also bump the post up
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics/Shops in the Vancouver (GVRD) Area

    If you're not against driving into Victoria, Jason at Ellice Automotive is a VW tech with 30+ years experience, training at VW until he left there recently to work at Ellice. I've know Jay since high school,and he knows his stuff.
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    2003 Jetta Tdi Ac Problem

    Wrong section to post in. This section is for people to post pics of their Jetta. You'll get the help you need if you tKe the time to post in the appropriate section.
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    Willing to pay for help in SW Washington

    If you're stuck for a place to take your car, I can highly recommend Fix'Um Haus in Portland. Rich is a long-time TDI Club supporter and a stand up guy. Another option might be to get in touch with Old Poopie if he's still in the "area" and see if he's willing to meet up and maybe do some...
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    Which dealership for emissions modification?

    What do you mean by modifications? Are you talking engine performance upgrades? Or things like suspension, brake or exhaust mods? Not many VW dealerships will do things like this. You'll have a to find an independent shop to get this type of work done because VW dealers won't do them for...
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    Anyone have a vagcom near Agassiz?

    Click the link
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    Anyone have a vagcom near Agassiz?

    A worthwhile investment if you plan on keeping the car. First couple times you scan your own codes and take the car to the dealership with a printout of what's wrong, you've saved yourself a couple hours of labour that they typically charge for scanning your car. Not to mention all the features...
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    VW shop in south sound/seattle area??

    If you're going to Portland you could take the car to Rich at Fix'Um Haus as well.
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    shop for maintenance in BC

    Try taking a look at the stickied post at the top of this section ?
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    New TDI Club Memeber!
  19. Ed's TDI

    Vancouver BC - TDI Help!!

    Lower inter cooler hose likely popped off. Common occurrence.
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    Okanagan Area Anyone?

    My kids live in Osoyoos and I was going to the Okanagan 4-5 time a year for the last 16+ years but they're both grown and working now so I don't get up there much anymore. Not sure if/when I'll be making another trip up there. Might not be until summer if I can get the time off from the new job...