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    Stupid door Switch!! $3 Fix!!!

    Want to report back that after a few years of running with the magnetic switch, my driver's side DLM finally gave up the ghost. The alarm would fire off in the middle of the night, the windows would be rolled down, doors wouldn't lock, lights wouldn't turn off, etc.. I tore down the door...
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    Tips for Installig Towing Springs?

    I swapped out my rear springs last week for some stiffer tow-capable ones. Definitely putting both sides in the air and removing the lower shock pinch bolt helped. I spent an hour trying to wrestle a new one in with only one side up, and it took me an hour and a bunch of bruises on my arms to...
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    Chemical cleaning for turbo vs removal?

    I did this today on my wife's Golf. The actuator rod wouldn't move until I knocked it with a BF screwdriver and hammer. It had about 1/8" of movement after that. I removed my EGR block off plate and dumped lemon scented Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner down the port with a bent straw and...
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    Should I replace suspension TTY bolts?

    I'll just leave these here.. Long story short, I was busy with work so had the dealership replace the LCA bushings on my wife's car. Here it is being towed after I heard the rear bushing bolt drop out on the passenger side.
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    Toronto, ON to Lubbock, TX

    I made the trip down over 2 days in my 03 Jetta ALH - no cat, no muffler, no EGR, stage 1, skid plate, 17" rims. Full tank of Loblaws D2 to Casey, IL netted me 50.5MPG. Route 66's B11 blend netted me 47MPG to somewhere in Oklahoma. The current tank is B5 from a Valero. Average speed was...
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    New Audi e-fuels Project: e-diesel from Air, Water and Green Electricity

    Audi creates green 'e-diesel fuel of the future' using just carbon dioxide and water
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    Oil fill cap replacement?

    I put two gaskets under the cap on both of my cars. No leaks since.
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    Glow Plug CEL I Cannot shake. 17057 P0673

    These intermittent codes need to be cleared if you've replaced a plug. It'll take a number of ignition cycles (not sure how many) for it to clear naturally.
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    17 inch wheels and suspension.

    I bought a set of Sensen shocks and struts for my wife's Golf. I don't care about appearance, but the price was definitely right - paid about $120 all around. They've been on for about 30k now and are performing quite well. For comparison, the Sachs on my Jetta have been on for the same...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Replace glow plug #3 and re-set my IQ.
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    What did you do to your car today?

    New thermostat and temperature sender on my wife's Golf.
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    Can anybody recommend a solid sub-$100 multimeter?

    Canadian Tire has one on sale for $9.99 this weekend.
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    Looking for a hubcap

    Google shows this place
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    Driver Door lock

    The doors are coded in VCDS somewhere. I removed my door lock module last year and replaced it with one from eBay. It subsequently failed (it didn't like Canadian winters), so I replaced it with a junk yard find. At one point as I was putting in the newly used module, I turned on the car...
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    EGR delete question

    Yup to both.
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    EGR delete question

    My N239 is in a box. I left the N18 in the car but I've been thinking about removing it since nothing's plugged into it.
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    A/C recharge kits... Yeah or ney?

    The mention of the US reminds me of the trouble that I had back in the '00s trying to find R134A kits in Canada. Apparently they were (are) illegal to sell. I drove to Buffalo in my 91 Passat, picked up a kit from Walmart for a few bucks, plugged it in in the parking lot, and drove back to...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    New vacuum hoses on my wife's Golf and my Jetta. There was a hose clamp on the line going to the turbo actuator on the Golf which made removal from the top an arm scratching experience.
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    A/C recharge kits... Yeah or ney?

    I've used the R134a kits before on my 91 Passat and my father's 02 Chevy Impala with great success.
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    DIY: How to fix air blend door MK4 TDI no cabin heat problem

    I was hoping for some quicker :(