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  1. Xtool Comfort Windows Mod

    Xtool Comfort Windows Mod

    How to use Xtool 401 to do Comfort Windows Mod
  2. sprinks

    mib2 infotainment unit

    Hello tdi fam! Long time no post Anywho, I have a mib2 infotainment unit from a 2016 car. This is leftover from my swap to mib2 in my 15 GTI (bought two units to be doubly sure, this is the spare unit). This unit will have to have the component protection removed and appconnect enabled by a...
  3. sprinks

    Post your TDI sightings here!!

    Been a while, but spotted a TDIclub plate on 29S the other day. Can't remember details of the car, but i remember my wife mentioning he had a smile on his face when i let him overtake (me in my GTI). :cheers: and happy motoring other guy.
  4. sprinks

    EFT Transfer

    There it is, 36H after notarized offer was accepted in the portal. Woo!
  5. sprinks

    EFT Transfer

    Gave them my notarized offer (sellers restitution), they approved, waiting on email to setup EFT. How long did it take for anyone else? I know to watch inboxes and spam folders.
  6. sprinks

    Eligible Seller...

    got my offer yesterday, signed and notarized and reuploaded. Now i wait again for the acceptance and that EFT.
  7. sprinks

    Eligible Seller...

    approaching the end of my 10 business day window following receipt of all documents by the claims department. Expecting my offer any day now.
  8. sprinks

    XTOOL VAG 401 Question

    Having used this tool before and run the fuel pump for a prime, i can say it should be near identical to the steps of running the fuel pump with vcds. i'll see if i can review my notes on the procedure in the next day or so, alas, no longer have a tdi, but should be able to go through and check...
  9. sprinks

    Vag 401 scanner by XTOOL

    Sad to see the how-to thread from that powerslave guy disappeared. Was a useful reference tool.
  10. sprinks

    Anyone successfully used the $2k loyalty to trade out a TDI?

    Still looking at the switch, personally. I found a dealership with a few offers on the table around dieselgate like kbb before last month, double loyalty cash (4k instead of 2k). Looking at the new '15s they have sitting on the lot. Considering going in the next 10 days to have a look and line...
  11. sprinks

    VAG 401 Report

    There's a thread in the OBD forum that discusses how to use the xtool 401. It's pretty damn handy to use. I keep one it my trunk at all times now. Have used it for fuel filter prime, comfort windows mod, hill-hold settings, etc.
  12. sprinks

    Trustworthy shops around Charlottesville

    Hi Ton, Charlottesville local. As well as listed recommended shops above, I also recommend Auto Teknika: They've serviced my TDI in the past and are good people.
  13. sprinks

    Factory sport suspension

    At 300 dollars it sounds like it'd be the driver gear spring swap. Historically, that has gotten great reviews on previous platforms. Past platforms saw a height drop of about a 3/4" to an inch if memory serves.
  14. sprinks

    2010 Jetta TDI idle going up and down. Please help

    Is it fluctuating in the 800-1000 band? If so, it's my experience this occurs when a DPF regen cycle is in progress. It does this to attempt to keep engine temps elevated.
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