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    Retarded timing at high RPMs on custom ALH 1.9

    On the vp37 pump there is a pump pressure valve that need to be lifted up or it is broken and it is not working as it needs to.First you need to check if that valve is dissasambled and it if is not after that take it to it's place again and use small hammer to hit it just a little (FIRST 1MM)and...
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    2.0tdi 16v Race Cams

    Can someone from the tuning Gurus here help with finding company that is capable of making me racing cams?(not talking about dblas regrind i need new cams that are tested and working)
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    My Vw Lupo time update The car is Fully Street with interior weight 1100kg 4x4
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    New engine new results Everything for the car you can find on our facebook page
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    New engine new results No nitro used
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    2.0tdi 16v Injector Adjustment

    Someone who really knows how to make this adjusment please give some info because everyone is sayng different things
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    2.0Tdi BKD No fuel

    If someone can help now is the moment i have i car audi a3 8p with 2.0tdi P.D. engine BKD 140hp.Had really hard time with it,trying to remap it the car is now with 90mg fuel and there is no smoke from the back and no turbo responce.If someone haves any ideas now is the time
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    where to buy gtb3576 turbo

    What power and when does that turbo spools on 1.9tdi engine?
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    Many items for sale

    I have DE143 brand new for sale Bosch original,not chinese crap.Also have Firads 120% more flow for sale (second hand driven 600km,updated with 160% that is why i sell them)i have other nozzles for 1.9tdi P.D. for sale but if you are interested write me private message for more info.I have...
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    1.9 ASZ to 2.0 BKD.

    What camsfaft gear wheel to use ASZ or BKD?(tallking about that with the camshaft senzor)
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    1.9 ASZ to 2.0 BKD.

    Will someone help a bit with this software changes that are needed to run BKD head with ASZ ecu?
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    1.9 ASZ to 2.0 BKD.

    Can someone tell us what pistons are used in this asz to bkd projects and what changes are made to the pistons?
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    Anyone using DSSR nozzles?

    I tryed them after my Firad 120% and there was no boost from launch control and a wot of smoke for nothing.Now i'm using firad 160% more flow less smoke and more boost from low rpm with big turbo.
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    400hp 1.9tdi 8v P.D.

    Will someone show as a real car dyno and tread that we can all see that this power is possible?And help us to make something like it?
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    400hp 1.9tdi 8v P.D.

    Show me a tread with this car i still don't bellieve this,there should be something special in this project if it is thrue
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    400hp 1.9tdi 8v P.D.

    The engine is not P.D. and the numbers maybe true but with VP37 engine not P.D.
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    400hp 1.9tdi 8v P.D.

    This power is not possible in P.D. engine on 2.3bar with these nozzles
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    400hp 1.9tdi 8v P.D.

    How can anyone just couldn't get that the tread is only for P.D. engines
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    400hp 1.9tdi 8v P.D.

    Can anyone from the tuning masters here can tell what is the hole size and the flow of Firad 120% and Firad 160% more flow
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    5 bar map sensor

    for 4 bar boost pressure probably