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    Possible JSW purchase... Common rail safety?

    Well I am the proud owner of a 2012 JSW DSG with 62k certified miles
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    Possible JSW purchase... Common rail safety?

    To clarify, GDI in general is gasoline direct injection, and clearly I wouldn't have my 5 year old do such things. I am just curious about it is all. I have zero plans touching a damn thing if it's under warranty thankfully, I have an excellent relationship with my local dealership. Bought 5...
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    Possible JSW purchase... Common rail safety?

    Well, I am looking to get out of my mk7 gti in favor of a low miles jetta wagon tdi. I am familiar about GDI and how to safely work on these cars, but diesel operates at 20,000 psi and up compared to 2,500 psi in GDI. My son (5) loves tinkering with me on cars and such. I just want to make sure...
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    New here with some questions.

    Hello all, Long time VW/audi owner looking to make the change to diesel. I have a few questions about the JSW/GSW tdi. I am looking at purchasing one of the buyback cars and have found a ton of different warranty related posts. What is the actual warranty on a CPO TDI with the recall done? Do...