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    First impression of a fixed 3.0L TDI Gen 2

    Another unhappy driver Like Bird, I used to post much more. I poked my head in here today looking for updates about my wife's Q5. Today I drove my Touareg X for the third time post fix. I drive a long stretch of road at 5 am with no traffic. Pre-fix I would see instant consumption similar...
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    11/6/17, can't schedule 3.0 fix...surprised.

    Total Runaround! I scheduled my 3.0 14-Touareg appointment after I got the email from VW. I called last week to talk to a real person and got total cluelessness. Prestige VW in Melbourne, FL. Finally got a voicemail back that said nope, no parts, no idea when they could do the work. I...
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    The Fix and Current Trade-In Values

    Options are all bad I have a 14 "X" Touareg. Low mileage, 27k, original owner. My plan was to sell this thing as soon as the process was over, assuming that the buy-back was never going to happen. Looking at the situation today, I have changed my mine. I don't really think the VW $$$ and...
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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    I just received two $750 checks. One for my 14 3.0 Touareg and another for my 14 Q5. I called Bosch. They said they had received lot's of calls about this today, but had no answer. They promised a call-back within 48 hours. Both of our vehicles were purchased new, from different dealers in...
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    3.0 Gen-2 Fix Payment

    Got both Chase emails last night!
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    3.0 Gen-2 Fix Payment

    I took the Audi in last Friday7/7 and the Touareg 7/10. I have not received an email from Chase on either vehicle. Between yesterday and today, the claims status changed to state I have been paid vs. scheduling. I will give it another 3 days. Looks like I am seeing the glich described above.
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    Gen II 3.0 speculation(s).

    Thanks Flargabarg I hadn't seen this update. It's going incredibly well, from the perspective of those in the courtroom vs. the forum! And it looks like by submitting your vehicle into the process, you are scored as 100% happy! And the fixes for most cars have been submitted. I sure...
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    3.0 Gen2: anyone opting out of settlement?

    Durations...bad news. First, I don't recall the firm. They are in Tampa and you can probably find it with google. Worse news...the opt out of the settlement data has passed. I believe it was in April. Again my memory fails me!
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    3.0 Gen2: anyone opting out of settlement?

    Thought about it... Decided to take the advice of class council and take the settlement on my two cars. Other Florida attorneys are taking clients to sue VW directly. They will get at least 1/3 of any award. I can't see how any Court would award much more than the class action.
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    3.0L Values Lower Than Expected

    I am still waiting to hear back from my class action attorney about the "X". He claims they are looking into it. I have received both formal offer letters. Touareg went up to $7774.24 which puts it into the range expected. The Audi offer was unchanged. After some trading email with my...
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    GM accused of rigging diesel emissions

    This would be a good place for the guys with 10+ TDI's to invest their buyback money!
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    3.0L Values Lower Than Expected

    Here is where I stand. Both vehicles have obtained the first approval. My wife and I are original owners of both vehicles, purchased new in 2014, and in Florida. There are no option uppers on the NADA for the Touareg. For the Q5 the only option I am unsure about is the driver assistance...
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    3.0L Values Lower Than Expected

    Flargabarg, I am not seeing how the math works either. I have 14's. A Q5 and a Touareg. I cannot make the simple math work either. I also have the NADA images from 9/15. This should a quick and easy process. I looked at the Amended Exhibit 3 and tried to make some sense from there, but...
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    VIN listing-is there an un-redacted version?

    I asked my lawyer if he had the un-redacted copy so he could give me the information on my two vehicles. I cannot remember if he had it or not, but in any event I could not get the data from him. He said he'd get it to me when he could. My guess is he will have it about two weeks after I can...
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    3.0's can now register for fix/buyback

    Probably won't be able to register on the claims portal until the settlement is approved.
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    2/14/17 Hearing Discussion

    For better or worse... "A federal judge on Tuesday granted preliminary approval to a Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) settlement to pay at least $1.22 billion to fix or buy back nearly 80,000 polluting U.S. 3.0 liter diesel-engine vehicles. Separately, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer in San...
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    2/14/17 Hearing Discussion

    Happy Valentines Day Judge Breyer. Show us 3.0L owners some love today! Status hearing is 8AM PST, 11AM EST.
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    3.0 liters-should we hear some info by 1-31-17?

    psd1, you will never need the NADA value on the 14 Q5. It's never going to come to that. Worst case VW throws in the towel and gives you the extra $500.
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    Status hearing w/ Judge is F 12/16 - check this link for transcript of meeting

    FTC Link This is a better link at the FTC which appears to have 95% of the information. It looks like the deadlines for a fix have drifted out to near the end of 2017 depending on which of the three...
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    Is the 3.0 hearing still on for today?

    Barry, Thanks for the link. That clears up a lot. For owners like myself of the newer cars, make sure you read that the numbers include the Bosch amount. Also, the media reports are hyping the 7-16k, but there is only one Porsche on the list that hits the high dollar. The vast majority of...