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    Fuel Reserve Estimates

    My UK 1.0 TSI petrol comes up with 55 miles to go when the needle reaches the fuel gauge red markings. I've done 110 miles after the 55 miles to go and haven't yet run out. Filled up tank with 53 litres, and filled up slowly at end to top up air expansion space. Capacity inc reserve is 50...
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    VCDS Tweaks

    Just wondered if anyone can help. My GVII MY2016 only displays Battery ---% when I try to display Battery SOC by pressing the trip button. Have been into 17 Instruments 10 Adaptations and can't even find Battery Charge listed in either German or English. Any ideas out there?
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    VAG COM/VCDS Lite PC and Connection Issues

    I have both installed on a Win 7 Starter Netbook and eBay cables. A year ago I used the software with no issues and was able to reset an airbag code and measure the timing after a cambelt change. A couple days ago tried again and nothing. Cable not even recognised by netbook. After mucking...
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    How Complex is the MK7 TDI?

    I guess in time the older engines will get banned/fined under emissions rules. London going Euro 6 from 2020 etc.
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    Need some encouraging to face clutch work

    Did the clutch on a 1.9 TDI manual between Xmas and NY as no garage open. Needed a impact driver to get flywheel bolts out. Gear box also a pain and found best to rotate 90 degrees forward to lower and raise, but oil comes out of the breather on top. Started Sat 1200, finshed Sun 1700. A...
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    Seat Heater Elements

    A bit of a techie Q, but I reckon this is the place to ask. Is there any difference between the heated seat elements under fabric seat covers and those under leather seat covers? I know the Elsawin for my MkIV says that elements for fabric seats should not be used under leather due to an...
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    Why do you drive a MK4?

    Great beige leather interior - inc carpets and seat belts so 5* for that and much better than newer cars with cheapskate black carpets and seatbelts. Good mpg. Easy to maintain. Decent size boot for a compact car.
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    Timing belt

    Except the crankshaft pulley is not locked. The only locked pulley is the fuel pump. As you say the belt does not/cannot stretch - so if all the marks are lined up after turning over by hand it cannot be out?? And nothing has been pre loaded?? My VCDS figures: Idle RPM 903 Coolant 63C...
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    Timing belt

    >This is a bit of bad advice about the cam sprocket. To tension the TB properly and keep everything in time it is imperative the cam sprocket be loosened. If the marks across the sprockets are still in line with belt tensioned and after 2 hand revolutions etc, then it must be correct. The way...
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    Low A/C refrigerant charge on CR MK5/6

    >Well, the pressure sender on a CR is on a long spindly aluminium tube, and when I get a 17mm on the sender all I'm doing is twisting the tube, so I didn't do that. Molegrip on tube, spanner on sensor and it will come off. WD40 first. Clear that all joints assembled dry on build.
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    Timing belt

    Done mine twice. Only special tool needed was a 6mm drill to lock injection pump. Bought a cam locking kit but did not fit, so did without. With engine at TDC by crankshaft and drill locking pump, I scored across cam and pump pulleys with sharp blade - just like on old cars. If the pulleys...
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    EA288 confirmed across the board by year end

    Key word is marketed - completely different to real world actuals!! The EU fuel test cycle is remarkably flawed and allows manufacturers to use all sorts of tricks. And for diesels, an active regen is not in the test.
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    EA288 confirmed across the board by year end

    In UK the new MkVII 2.0 150HP engine is around 6 mpg imperial worse than the old MkVI 140HP. Possibly has been set up to do more active regens than old engine. New engine seems to have a few clamps around DPF unit - un clamp, take out DPF and reverse flush thru with pressure jet washer...
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    Parasitic load draining battery

    Around 2.6A with only interior lights on. When they went off load dropped to 24/25ma and brief surge to 1.5A when locking and then dropped to 30ma in 5/6 seconds. Left a multimeter logging to PC for just under 2 hours and load remained 25 to 31ma.
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    Cruise control issues

    I had CC issues and replaced the stalk. Working fine for over 2 years.
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    Parasitic load draining battery

    Just check my car and readings vary between 28 and 32 ma, mostly around 29 ma. Once locked readings quickly drop to 30ish ma. Is there any significance in the flash rate of the driver's door red led? Mine is flashing at approx 1 per second.
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    2004 Golf TDI Cruise control

    Looking at doing the same job - what rpm at 70mph and is the 4th to 5th jump OK? And where did you get the bits from and/or do you have the part numbers? Here in UK a website warns "Some vehicles with Cruise control may need the ECU reprogramming as the longer gears can prevent the Cruise from...
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    Is there a diffence between LUK and Sachs clutch disk?

    SMF is fine but more vibration than DMF, which is why DMF was used in the first place. Car is mildly ECU tweaked, so decided to stay original. A sod of a job - particularly when previous garage had over tightened engine mounting bolts and flywheel bolts. I also found that when getting...
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    Is there a diffence between LUK and Sachs clutch disk?

    Recently had clutch problems with 30k mile LuK DMF. Changed to Sachs DMF. Found small spring wedged between linings creating high spot. LuK lifetime warranty worked plus decent amount back for labour. New clutch brilliant. Both LuK and Sachs fitted as OEM on MkVI TDI. Sachs unit also came all...
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    Golf MkIV TDI 5sp - Difficulty Engaging All Gears With Varying Difficulty

    Got a new Sachs for £230 inc flywheel bolts and release brg - so pretty good. Removed old clutch and there is a small coil spring from the pressure plate trapped between the friction material, probably causing a high spot so preventing the clutch from full disengaging. LuK claim to have a...