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    Phase 2 fix

    Can't hurt to ask and let us know how it goes.
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    Just got back to Arlington, VA from NYC. Round trip was like 470 miles and I used a little more than half a tank of diesel with a 2015 Passat with an auto DSG. On the way back I wanted to see how economical I could get and started using cruise control about an hour into the drive and slowed...
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    I don't trust them either for the most part but they seemed pretty honest and didn't try to hide anything and yes it was a VW dealer. For what it is worth I asked for the DSG service as a condition of buying the car and I did get text messages from the service department that it was in the shop...
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    Intake filter might be the only thing they didn't do, I'll have to check. They did the oil, DSG, and Fuel filter when they got it in on trade. Has good tires, new front brakes, looks more like a 3 or 4 year old car. Interior is almost mint. Exterior is real good too.
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    Ahhhh, so I CAN do Paul Walker impressions....sweet. Yea the main thing I was actually worried about was the DSG because it has 97k and neither I or the dealer could find any history of it being serviced. It shifts perfectly though and I had the dealer do it before I picked it up so maybe I'm in...
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    HAHA....I'm not really throttlin it, definitely not what I bought it for. I was just curious cause it just seems faster than they say. I do still have the emissions warranty that also covers the turbo for like 2.5 years and also I'm 99 percent sure it is Phase 2b eligible that can extend it...
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    Whats the 0-60 time on a passat tdi with dsg? I think I saw officially that its like 8.8 but it feels faster on the one I just picked up. The dealer assured me it wasn't tuned or anything.
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    2015 passat tdi

    nevermind i found a good thread on this. now if someone could tell me how to delete a post? lol
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    2015 passat tdi

    I just found a 2015 passat tdi with 97k on it and partial phase 2 recall. So this means when it gets to 150k you get the phase 2 completed and they extend the warranty again 5 years and 60k miles right?
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    2002 Jetta tdi for sale

    590k??? Whats the highest someone has had on here?
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    FS 2015 Passat SE TDI 6sp Manual

    Can you explain why the ones that have partial mod completion are better candidates than ones that are completed?
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    Wet Okole Seat covers MK4

    Hi, Selling these lightly used Wet Okole front seat covers with VW logos on them. Located in Arlington, VA. Private sale available on TDI forum or purchase thru ebay. Thanks! Peter...
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    Accidently put gas in TDI

    I just had the pleasure of doing this in a public park parking lot. Between the police visits and the mouthfuls of mixed fuel and spilled puddles on the asphalt, I'd say it was a good time! Take out the sending unit under the back passenger side, siphon gas out, disconnect hoses and take fuel...