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    What would you replace your TDI with????

    I'll probably keep my '11 JSW another 4-5 years.... at which point, I'll most likely replace it with another VW TDI (probably a Mk7 Sportwagen, manual trans this time, Alltrack if they ever make it to the US). Though a couple of other possibilities are brewing that could steal my attention if I...
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    How many Jettas without problems

    Just turned 40k on my '11 JSW DSG... other than dreading the wallet shot of the service I need in the next couple of weeks, no substantial issues. Only had a bit of rattle from the exhaust heat shield coming partially loose, easily resolved.
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    What did you do to your car today?

    I used my love of my diesel to make a few thousand dollars.... I'm in sales at a Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram dealership and got a customer so excited about the EcoDiesel in the Grand Cherokee Overland he was test driving that he paid no heed to price and bought it on the spot! ...Still waiting...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    It's over a dollar spread at $4.49/gal diesel vs $3.47 for RUG at the Speedway across the street from work, but diesel has been holding steady at $4.19/gal at the Sheetz by my house... can't wait for the cold to end so we can get away from winter blends and the demand for fuel oil for heating...
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    How long have you owned your MkVI? Miles driven?

    Purchased my '11 JSW DSG in October, no significant issues in the 8k miles I've put on it so far... ran into the issue that others have talked about with the washer fluid level sensor using Rain-X, still under warranty so I'll have them check that out when I get a chance (and probably ask them...
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    Has anyone else had their insurance go up?!!! Lame...

    My insurance rate (Progressive) actually dropped this renewal, but I'm about to get out of my 20s with a clean driving record, so I'm thinking the demographic-related factors may be driving it in my case. I've only had my '11 JSW for about 4 months (and 8k miles) now, and my insurance actually...
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    So who's NOT driving their TDI in the cold?

    It was -15F (coldest air temperature I've ever experienced living in NE Ohio and Western PA) this morning when I went to fire up my '11 Sportwagen TDI DSG and it was smooth sailing! The initial cranks were a little bit slower than normal, but the glow duration wasn't noticably longer than...
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    2010+ Sportwagen with DSG in the snow?

    I've had my '11 Sportwagen with DSG for about two months now, and it's been unseasonably snowy here in eastern Ohio. Performs every bit as well as one could hope for a FWD vehicle with half worn all-season tires. It's taken some adjustment to get used to handling a motor with such high...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $3.63/gallon today at my local Marathon station in eastern Ohio Because the only thing VW about them was the badging!