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    P040b code

    Thanks. I just had the car into the mechanic for the infamous coolant leak in the valley. I'm sure he is not going to be happy to have to dig in there again! Say, you wouldn't happen to have a part number would ya?
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    P040b code

    Hey Crash, so what did the dealer end up replacing to fix the issue? I am getting the P040B and P245B error codes. Thanks!
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    2015 Q7 EGR/EGR cooler problems

    OP, how did it all work out for you with your path on this vehicle?
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    TDI Fans – I got $76,098.73 for my 2015 A6 TDI with 146,179 miles

    I would like to explore the buyback option. I have a 2014 A6 TDI. Where can a fella find out more information on if buy back funds are still available?
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    Injector Life

    For those who have had to replace injectors, what was your mileage at time of replacement. Thanks in advance. I'm getting a contribution/balance fault in one of my injectors. I have 165k miles on the odometer.
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    Strange tire ware.

    My A6 has similar tire wear. My local tire shop always says my toe-in (?) is slightly out of spec but not according to Audi. My local tire shop said Audi’s specs lean more toward performance than tire life. You sacrifice treadwear for performance/safety. You almost need to rotate the tires...
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    I have a good friend who owns a diesel shop. Mainly they repair/replace/rebuild injectors. He was the one who got me into diesels (had a duramax, now the A6, JD Gator diesel and Toro zero turn diesel). He was the one that recommended Stanadyne. His claim was when stations starting selling...
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    New Q5 TDI recall???

    Okay, after the fix 2.0, a new EGR cooler, and a new MAF sensor, I no longer have any check engine lights. Its good to have the car back. Hope it lasts another 135k miles with the new airflow goodies.
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    New Q5 TDI recall???

    Diagnosed as a bad EGR cooler. To be replaced under warranty. Is it possible to be both happy and sad about your car at the same time?!
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    New Q5 TDI recall???

    I had the repair completed the week of Thanksgiving. Two days ago I get a CEL and shortly thereafter the flashing glow plug lamp. It’s throwing codes P2463, P0402, P04DE, and P2002. I lost all boost as the car went into limp mode. I had to drive it in “manual” mode so I could be in the right...
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    New Q5 TDI recall???

    Thanks! I’m a Stanadyne fan as well. I’m not precise in my measurements either! So no regrets in doing the second fix (02 sensor adjustment, new dpf, and flash)?
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    Another Emissions Recall to correct what was done first.

    Any other short and long term updates on the second fix?
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    New Q5 TDI recall???

    Bama Fan and Daemon, any update? I have my fix 2.0 scheduled for Monday. I’ve been driving with my check engine light on since fix 1.0.
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    discussion on A8L tdi quattro

    I had contemplated going A8 as well before deciding A6. One consideration that influenced my decision was the cost of parts and repairs of the A8 vs the A6. One Real life example for me was the windshield. I got a chip in my A6 glass and it spread. Had to get it replaced but had options; OE...
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    Another Emissions Recall to correct what was done first.

    I have been in the queue at my dealership for 6 weeks now. My CEL has been on now for over a year. My dealership said one per week is what they are being told on parts as well but they admitted they have been receiving one part every two weeks. They told me I’m 5 in the queue and to call back...
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    Another Emissions Recall to correct what was done first.

    Has anyone had the second fix completed yet? I haven’t seen much on the old interwebs about this, which is surprising to me.
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    Another Emissions Recall to correct what was done first.

    That was supposed to be “between STOCK and the fix”.
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    Another Emissions Recall to correct what was done first.

    I received the same letter. Been kicking CELs for a while now. O2 sensor has been pulled and cleaned by the dealer and the CEL reset. All codes have been either soot build up on the O2 sensor or period between regens too short. I’ve got 125k miles on the clock and am looking forward to getting...
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    Potential buy: 16' S-line A6 TDI

    Buy it. You won’t regret it. I was looking at a Q5 with 125k on it with the plans to take it to 300k. Sold before i could pull the trigger. Already have the A6 ;). From what I’ve researched, the 3.0L drivetrain has been one of the most reliable (knock on wood).
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    Sold- 2016 A6 Prestige - Ownership Log

    Stanadyne all the way. Blue flavor.