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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Chase email Tuesday (1/10/17) night at 20:42. Money in my credit union account Wednesday (1/11/17) morning. At least this part was fast! :) So long VW!
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    My turn in was on Friday, (1/6/2017). I got an email from VW before I left the dealership (15 minutes). Finally got the Chase email tonight (20:42).
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Did my buyback on Friday, but haven't got the ETF email yet.
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Had my buyback appointment today. Pretty quick (15 minutes) and painless. Got a physical receipt and email receipt before I left. The one weird thing was that the dealership did not have any signage or direction for the buyback (where to park, who to see). I asked a service adviser and he...
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    Is this the worst delay yet? 30 business days to compose an offer e-mail.

    I got to step #15 on 11/18/2016 (after having to re-scan the back of my title). Got my offer letter today. I will get it notarized this evening & uploaded tonight. I'm planning on scheduling my buy back in early January. Good luck.
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    For Sale: 7 Liters of Mobil ESP 5W-30 & 2 oil Filters from Reno, NV $70

    Price dropped to $70. I'm selling my 2012 JSW TDI in the buyback. I have 7 liters of Mobil ESP 5W-30 left over, plus 2 oil filters (Mann HU 719/7X), a drain plug, and the socket for the oil filter cover. $70 shipped from Reno.
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    Offer with loan

    I have my title, but no offer.
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    Poll: Have your buyback documents been accepted

    I'm still waiting for my "eligibility to be determined". For some reason, the rear of my title was rejected, so I had to re-scan and submit again. Been waiting since 11/18/2016. Sucks!!!!
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    Hope my buyback comes soon...

    My battery went out last month, right before I had to take my car in for a smog test, to get registered, so I could wait to sell it back to VW. Does anyone that is keeping their car want to trade batteries with me?
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    FS - New Brake Rotors / Pads for 2012 JSW - $300 (shipped) from Reno, NV

    Earlier this year, I used my $500 dealer card to by a set of OEM Rotors & Pads (front & rear) for my 2012 JSW. I now have a company car, so I will be selling my JSW in the buy-back program. I paid "$480", but will let them go for $300 or best offer, shipped ground from Reno, NV.
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    Sportswagen Rear Hatch Lock

    The lock mechanism on the rear hatch of my 2012 Sportswagen is not working. I have to slam it really hard for it to stay shut. Can anyone direct me to the correct replacement part number and recommendation for where to purchase? I thought I ordered the correct part (5C6827505C) from Amazon...
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    Weird Fuel Gauge Behavior

    Follow-up: Fueled up my car this morning, first time since the event and my fuel gauge goes immediately to F. I guess the gremlins are all worked out, for now.
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    Weird Fuel Gauge Behavior

    2012 JSW - 98k miles I was driving home late last night and knew that I was going to need to fuel up. My low fuel light came on about 5 miles from the gas station, no problem. I fill-up (13+ gallons), get back in and start-up my car and the low fuel light is still on and the gauge is still...