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    Stubble and at loss,

    I second the algae bloom theory. I would replace the fuel filter like Oilhammer mentioned. One bad tank of fuel can plug one fairly quickly. Change filter and add something that kills algae bloom and then see if it is fixed.
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    04 bew cutting out

    I'm sure others with more knowledge will chime in but I had an injector harness that went bad that acted like this. It never threw a code. Mine seemed to happen mostly at highway speed (60+ mph). I put in an OEM harness and that fixed it.
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    BEW Fuel line leak....

    Why doesn't VW understand these cars are only about a quarter century old. we are just getting them broke in!!!!! I hate when VAG makes their parts out of unobtainium.
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    Dealer Overfilled and Wrong Oil

    Keep letting that oil drain Oilhammer because we like you posting! (y)
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    Diesel Kleen on clearance at TSC

    That's a great deal!
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    Ca. rust free 1983 VW Pickup. Factory a/c, pdb, 5 speed, wife driven since 2010

    Saying, "As nice as the day it drove off the show room floor" would be an insult to this beauty! GLWS!
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    NOT MINE - 2010 Golf TDI DSG w/ 210k in VA - $23,900

    The rant must make the price of the car go up!
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    2004 Jetta TDI GLS Sedan, BEW, 6 Spd Manual, 170k miles, Louisiana... and so much more.

    Any side photos with the doors closed? Car looks great. GLWS and to your pending lawn mowing business!
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    2000 golf tdi manual...whats it worth?

    Lots of variables to consider. How many miles does it have? what's the body like? any rust? I always figure that in most areas of the USA, a running car is worth at least $2000 dollars.
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    What stations sell it? Just Mobile stations?
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    2005 Jetta Tdi misfire

    I had what I thought was a miss that usually showed up around 70mph and was intermittent. It threw no codes on VCDS. I changed the injector harness because I had over 250k and that fixed it. How many miles are on your car?
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    [SOLD]: 2005 White Golf TDI 5 sp 53k miles $8500 obo - Baltimore

    The mechanic that offered scrap value of $100 sounds like a real high class human. /s
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    FS 2015 Passat SE TDI 6sp Manual

    Educate me on this: does that mean the original owner sold it back to VW???? What are the advantages of not having VW perform the upgrades???
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    Not VW. MB 240D Auction. Ends 8/8.

    What was the selling price?
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    [solved] BEW no start after tandem pump replacement

    I had been around diesels (not a mechanic) for many years before I heard that trick. Thanks for posting it to teach anyone else that hasn't heard it.
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    Intermittent misfires on BEW

    I had a similar issue with mine. I changed the injector harness despite not having any codes and it did cure it. Those intermittent things can be so hard to nail down. I had about 244k on the original injector harness so I figured a new OEM one would last the rest of the lifetime of the car...
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    I've always heard the quote about, "driving torque" as in it gives you that seat of the pants acceleration. In these tests what is the difference in numbers between stock and open exhaust? It surely can't be much. Also I would think it would be incredibly loud.
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    Never want to do that again

    That was a great explanation, Oilhammer. Made me understand it much more clearly.