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    bought a 2010 A3 TDi... mis my 03 Golf TDI

    not sure hat you mean, I have the stock filler in my car still. Is there an option one that is larger
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    bought a 2010 A3 TDi... mis my 03 Golf TDI

    Sorry I didn't reply to this thread guys. 99% of my driving is not freeway but I was still getting awesome mileage in my 03 Golf on the same route. I now have almost 18,000 on the car and things have gotten better but I am still only getting about 36 MPG. Yes I push on the pedal a bit but I...
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    Center display

    on the lever to the right of your wheel there is a button hidden on the bottom. press this to go between the different modes :)
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    bought a 2010 A3 TDi... mis my 03 Golf TDI

    I do enjoy driving it and it is super comfy inside. Its just with the amount I drive I needed the mileage to justify buying a new car. as for the fuel filler I have no idea what hey were thinking when they made the filler hole so small
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    bought a 2010 A3 TDi... mis my 03 Golf TDI

    This thing has ben a huge disappointment. My mileage went from about 42 MPG to between 31 and 33. I went from a manual 03 Golf to a Heavier car with DSG but I did not expect to loose this much in mileage The fuel filler hole is also too dam small. Half the time I fill up the nozzle gets stuck...
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    03 Golf TDI 5 spd in So Cal

    It gets great mialage... come get it and get to know her on the way home :)
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    2010 TDI Sportwagon Factory Order Timeline

    the irvine VW dealer got a black manual wagon in today.... they said I couldnt see it since it wasnt ready so I left sounds like there here though
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    03 Golf TDI 5 spd in So Cal

    2003 VW Golf 120,000 miles Just had timing belt done at 115,000 new fuel filter new tires all around new front rotors 17 VW Long Beach Wheels **Title in hand** Interior is pretty clean but is worn from regular use. The exterior is in decent shape except for some scratched on teh rear bumper...
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    2001 HAtchback. Have some ???????????

    bumpers fit, R32 suspension wont... if you want stock struts and springs to lower and stiffen it up a bit get teh 20th aniv stuff. interior is pretty much all the same good luck, and post pics when your done
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    Muffler ?

    I hacked off my exhaust in front of teh cat and ran straight pipe, spools a bit quicker and sounds good. With no supporting mods it doesnt make a huge differance but it wont hurt anything either
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    2006 Golf TDI - SALVAGE - what is it worth?

    I just bought a 03 with 89K on it for 9 grand in CA.. land of no TDI's
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    Cleaning a intake manifold in less then 2 hrs

    hmmmm... so how many miles were on your car whne you didi this?
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    Top Ten Signs....

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    turbo inlet idea...

    shorter length with gas usualy means less torque...but with fuel I dont know dyno before and after, let us know how it goes
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    It's coming along... Been a long time since an update!

    love the painters tape on the rear of the car...
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    The soothing power of the TDI

    Maybe your wife's car has some balls so she doesn't get bored and can stay awake... Just kidding, I love my TDI even though its slow
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    About to Buy a Neuspeed P cone! for Jetta TDI

    Well how about a K&N drop in panel filter (stock box)... or something similar? are there any dyno charts with stock/panel/ full intake ?
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    My new to me car

    Nope, as long as you keep your foot out of it you usualy get 1-2 MPG better.. and your power and tork go up 50% or so... costs a little over a grand and with teh 3", I can feel it spool a bit quicker but not a huge differance... not untill Im pussin more PSI Travis
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    My new to me car

    OK, so I picked up a set of some VW long beach wheels for $250!!!! They are in need of some new tires, but for $250, Im stoked And today... I had my boddies shop fab up a 3" Exhaust. It starts just in front of where the cat was and is straight pipe all teh way out. Its a tad bit loud but the...
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    My new to me car

    Well its coming along, I have just over 500 miles on it since I took ownership (still on 1st tank of fuel) Recap of my car so far Day 1 - washed Day 2- clay bar and 2 coats of wax Day 3- Cleaned interior Day 4- 5- enjoyed the car Today- Visited my local paintless dent guy, and got 2 big...