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    2015 jetta tdi skid plate want to buy

    What is the best product and source for the aluminum skid plate for a 2015 Jetta TDI? If anyone has one for sale, I'm interested. If there is a preferred design and preferred vendor, please let me know that. Thanks, Dave.
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    Fun noise under the hood

    I would drop in to the closest friendly transmission repair shop to have that eliminated as the problem. I do hope it is eliminated. If not, get a written estimate of repairs. Then leave and report back.
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    2003 Jetta Parting Out

    Interested in passenger side headlight for it's adjusters. PM please.
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    Parting out Complete '02 Jetta- Leather/trans/10mm pump/engine

    02' Jetta Interested in passenger side headlamp assembly for it's adjusters. PM me please.
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    Car got totalled today

    Sorry, wrong thread. Dave.
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    Car got totalled today

    Interested in the IP that you apparantly still have. Would be willing to pick it up in Dubuque if it's a good one and we can make a deal. (608) 347-7216
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    1998 New Beetle TDI For Sale

    Oils BB, I own an 02' A-4 Jetta TDI with the VE engine, My Son owns an 04' TDI with the PD engine. I am likely to upgrade to a new TDI in the not too distant future. It will have the common rail system and have new oil requirments. I'm getting tired of chasing the oil standards game. Oils...
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    Future Mod plans

    Yep, I have it, but don't have the time to get smart about which cars it will work in. I'll post the the number(s) off of it. Then, you guys can help ascertain whether it will work in your vehicles. I don't want to feel responsible for making a match. Dave.
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    Does Acetone Addition to Fuel Lower Consumption?

    I think that we are lucky to have a few very smart people willing to take the time to bring guys like me along. Thanks!
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    Does Acetone Addition to Fuel Lower Consumption?

    Thanks for the effort, Dabooj. I am presuming that this result will show to the scientists in the group that acetone use represents false hope. Jetta Jake are you out there?? Nick??
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    Does Acetone Addition to Fuel Lower Consumption?

    my rig 2002 Jetta 5-spd. Upsolute, .205 injectors, head studs, clutch upgrade, .681 5th gear and a few other inconsequential items. 112,000 miles and no major engine or fuel system service performed. I see only minimal risk in acetone addition, but also only minimal probative value to the...
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    Does Acetone Addition to Fuel Lower Consumption?

    I'm still using acetone and still believing that I'm getting several mpg by doing so, but I really can't objectively show that to be true. That is frustrating to say the least. Jetta Jake, maybe I should have been more receptive to your surface tension theory earlier. Would you...
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    Does Acetone Addition to Fuel Lower Consumption?

    I am renigging on this commitment. At a dosing level of 800:1, I don't believe that I could accurately dose a quart (or a gallon) much less measure the change in volume related to acetone evaporation. Plus, isn't there some rate of evaporation applicable to the diesel fuel itself? I'm not...
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    Does Acetone Addition to Fuel Lower Consumption?

    I'll try ELW's experiment, but without agitation, next week and report back.
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    Does Acetone Addition to Fuel Lower Consumption?

    Okay, lets figure out a way to look at evaporation.
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    Does Acetone Addition to Fuel Lower Consumption?

    Yeah, but Chesire Cat should be complemented on trying to discover the rate at which acetone might evaporate out of a mixtyre with diesel fuel. The question is, what is a reasonably practical method of observing for that rate and drawing some conclusions?
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    Does Acetone Addition to Fuel Lower Consumption?

    acetone This thread has been quiet for a week. Are we losing traction here...on both acetone and temp controls??? Dave.
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    Distribution coefficients: input needed

    Wow! I am absolutely lost in the language used by you guys. But, I'm rooting for your success. If your project should lead to improvements in a continuous production process, you will find me interested in bringing resources to bear on a pilot project to prove design value. Dave.