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    ALH Timing Belt - How much time?

    May want to plan for an intake cleaning as long as you are in there. At least take a look at it. Tools for loan? If you were close I'd let you use mine. You may be close to someone with the tools. A used set was for sale on this site a bit ago.
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    What have you fit in your car?

    Many years ago, the Wife and 3 Great Danes. Not as heavy or impressive as some, but looked cool.
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    01m wont shift into 4th

    My thoughts, but I don't have personal experience with the autos. And, I plan to sell it and i like to stand behind my stuff as much as possible.
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    01m wont shift into 4th

    Drove a 2000 tdi home last fall after fixing some issues. It didn't shift to 4th. Parked it for the winter. Tornado issues.... Cleared misc codes and took it up the road. Shifted to 4th and 2Krpm at 60. I'm a 5 spd guy. Got this one cheap and with issues. Bad Vac pump. Bad starter. Timing out of...
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    Cargo Cover for 2003 TDI Jetta Wagon

    What color? I have one from an 02 in tan. I never use it.
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    Best treatment for surface rust on rockers under mudguards?

    I have used Plasticote rust converter with pretty good results over the years. Follow directions.
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    200k mile timing belt tune-up kit comparison question

    Just did the high milage kit from ????? on a buddies car. He was vacillating between normal and high milage kit. On disassembly we found everything in the high milage kit was needed. Biggest $$$ is the acces. belt tensioner Every extra seal was weeping a bit. 280K on this one
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    Need a MK4 TDI 5 speed trans

    Maybe. How many miles? I'm texting my budy now.
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    ALH 5 spd question

    Not my car, but I can ask about low pulls in 5th. I do think he was a little low on lube. 2nd time the gears were fine. Splines shot.
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    WTB: MkIV Jetta 5-speed in the North East

    FYI, per my post in tech. I just removed the driven 5th gear from a buddies car so he can keep driving it while we find a trans. Gear, bolt/washer removed and it drives fine. Splines were gone on gear and shaft.
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    ALH 5 spd question

    And 60 is about 2600 RPM. Less than they were running in 5th at 75. So, the 2 lane commute should be fine for the rest of the school year as we look for a good used trans. They have other cars for driving at speed. I only shifted to 5th once driving it into town for him.
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    Curious to see if anyone has reformed a new ALH valve cover gasket w/ RTV?

    Just fixed a leaking VC by cleaning the crap out of the cover and rubber gasket. Brake clean and paper shop rag and small screw driver. Clean and dry with no oil left on any surface. Ultra Grey RTV sparingly used on rubber and the "crack on the outer side of the original gasket. Absolutely no...
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    Integrated Engineering Rods

    I am rebuilding my 02 TDI that lost a turbo and hydroed the engine. Cracked block and pretzeled rod. Parts collecting I got 2 sets of rods by accident. Shelved the boxes and didn't pay attention to what was what. Tornado and pole barn destruction put everything on hold. So, I have 4 new never...
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    ALH 5 spd question

    My understanding also. I just wanted to confirm there was no thrust load or need to have that gear installed. Seemed like having it out vs in with no splines was better idea. Off to the races we go and looking for a replacement trans. Both 5th gear gears shredded in this car 3-4 years ago and...
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    TDI Front crankshaft seal nightmare

    You may also consider a speedi seal if all is OK. Pretty common deal. Over time any seal will wear the surface it rides on. This is a very thin sleave for the crank that gives the seal a new surface to ride on. I assume there is one available for this application. I've used them in lots of...
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    ALH 5 spd question

    Thanks, that is what I thought. But, I was looking a Yup, you are OK reply.
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    ALH 5 spd question

    Buddies 02 Jetta 5th gear is out. Splines on the output gear and shaft gone. The gear looks to just float outside the case bearing. Thrust must all be inside the case. Question for someone who has been there and done that... Can the output (splined) gear be removed and left out while the car is...
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    Need a MK4 TDI 5 speed trans

    Buddy just stripped the splines on the 5th gear in his 02 Jetta TDI. We just did the complete high mileage timing belt kit and some other stuff maybe 1000 miles ago. I'm in Fond du Lac WI. We either need a good used trans or the car may be available for parts. Good runner with 280K. Anything...
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    WTB: mk4 golf fenders:preferred rust free and dark blue

    I am looking for mk4 golf fenders,preferred rust free and dark blue. Located in Fond du Lac, WI, 54937
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    FS Race 520 nozzles in injectors

    So, I had these in my 02 jetta With a Kerma tune and 2.5 exhaust. They are balanced by Kerma ( I think I still have the sheet) Stock clutch in great shape couldn't hold. Put in a stage 3. Lots of power with the tune and not much smoke at all unless you just stand on it cold. I had the stock...