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    Help Needed ASAP: Frozen Lugs

    Get and use a spray-on aerosol Freeze spray on the lug nuts. It will shrink them and they will come off easily with an extended pry bar (as long as possible) This worked very successfully for me when I had the same problem.
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    2018 Chevy Cruze 1.6 Starting Issue

    Do to the Cruze forum. Someone can help you there for sure. Gen2 Diesel General Discussion
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    Broke my key fob! Help!

    You can get a replacement cheap including programming from Batteries Plus.
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    Complete system failure

    I had a similar thing happen to my 2014 Chevy Cruze 2.0 Diesel. I believe that you need to get a new key fob. Worked like a charm after that for me. Go to Batteries Plus, if you have one in your area for the best price. They have them in stock and also will program it for you when you get it...
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    Remote start

    It works farther if you press the button with it against your forehead or with it in your open mouth.
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    Finally - a smart start/stop system
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    At last - Jeep Wrangler Diesel for the Rich
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    The 1st gen Cruze CTD is awesome.

    I agree 100%. I've had my Cruze TD since Oct. 2013 and am more than happy with it. I'm out of warranty now so I hope that my luck holds out. It is an orphan now mainly because Chevy never did market it properly. People are still surprised to see me filling up at the diesel pump.
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    Mazda (finally) confirms a CX-5 diesel this summer

    Mazda still keeping it alive?
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    Anyone still have their TDI's?

    Sounds good to me, you name the time and the place and I'll be there.:D
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    2017 Chevy Cruze diesel

    All of the Gen. 1 - Cruze 2.0 Diesels have timing belts, scheduled to be changed at 97,500 miles. Pretty sure the Gen. 2 Cruze 1.5 Diesels have timing chains.
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    SSCTDO (TDI Club Secret Society of Chevy TD owners)

    CRUZETALK.COM is a good place to get started (for our now orphaned cars.).
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    Cruze update

    I love my Gen. 1 Cruze TD as well. Not getting as high MPG as you, but I do have a larger tank and a 2.0 engine vs 1.5.
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    2019 Mazda 6 Skyactive D ???

    Another blast from the past or what?
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    Anyone still have their TDI's?

    Hey, I have an "04 R32 and a "04 Chevy Cruze TD. Maybe we can get together sometime and commiserate on how you accomplished that feat. If I come to the gtg, I'm torn to which car I should bring along.
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    Chevy Cruze diesel, manual 6spd

    Chevy Cruze losing Manual Transmission? Say it ain't so!
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    Chevy Cruze losing manual Transmission? Say it ain't so!
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    Th Best Diesel Cars according to Digital Trends
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    The Best Diesel Cars according to Digital Trends
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    Cummins unveils new 2.8 l Diesel crate engine