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    2010 jsw value

    Assuming it was decently cared for, there should be no major issues or ticking time bombs other than DPF. Be prepared to repair/replace/remove the DPF. And, if it has a pano roof that has *not* been overhauled recently, be prepared for leaks and water damage. I'd try it a few times and...
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    2013 JSW Roadfeel?

    I've had 16" factory wheels on all of my TDIs...5 in total now: '02 Beetle '06 Jetta '09 Jetta '13 JSW '14 JSW Total mileage around 300k. Sold/traded for various reasons. No wheel problems from any of these.
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    2013 JSW Roadfeel?

    My '06 had an annoying road vibration. Then, 2nd gear completely failed. It was covered under warranty, repaired/replaced, and the car was then as smooth as glass. My 2013 and 2014 JSWs - both bought new - were very smooth from day 1. I've taken them on long trips and the entire family - save...
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    Getting the GTI itch..anyone else?

    Golf R is about as refined as it gets for AWD ~300hp in that price range. The looks don't scream "boy racer" and the power delivery, transmission, and suspension is smooth enough for a daily driver. For some, it may be a little _too_ refined, i.e not engaging/challenging enough.
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    Yakima Skybox Pro 18 on Whispbars S53 / 2014 JSW

    Hah ! We purchased it for a similar reason : our large dog takes up the entire rear. Most people would have purchased a minivan, SUV, or truck a long time ago, but I prefer a modular approach with good handling and mileage.
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    Yakima Skybox Pro 18 on Whispbars S53 / 2014 JSW

    If you purchase the bars and Skybox at the same time, they throw in the blossoming tree for free. :D
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    Yakima Skybox Pro 18 on Whispbars S53 / 2014 JSW

    I did a lot of searching on Internet for this combo and didn't find as much info / as many images as I had *hoped* to find, so I promised myself when I got this setup working, I'd share with others. Pictured here are: Yakima Skybox Pro 18 Platinum, purchased March 2015 Whispbar S53, purchased...
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    New to VW With JSW TDI

    I'm averaging 45mpg measured at the pump since we purchased our 2013 JSW 6MT a few months ago. However, like others have said, the dash reads 2-3mpg over. Mine is almost exactly 3mpg over. On my commute to work, It will sometimes indicate 53mpg and other times indicate 44mpg on the dash, totally...
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    2013 JSW mileage / extended warranty

    I got the extended warranty 'cause while I love my VW's - this is my 5th one and counting - they have unexpected and very expensive things break on them. The current generation, for instance, has the infamous HPFP and DPF time bombs that may or may not explode under our ownership period. If I...
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    Why did you buy a (VW) diesel?

    Yes, it's still the case. You can't reasonably couple and uncouple the electric motor and gas motor from the drivetrain with a manual. You need a CVT or some type of automated transmission to do that. However, the all-electric Nissan Leaf with *no transmission* is a hoot to drive. We signed a...
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    Why did you buy a (VW) diesel?

    I could not agree more. Every time I fly for business and rent a car to get around, I'm reminded how ... *less enjoyable* the average econo-box and even average car is. It makes me glad to return home to my VWs ;-) Our current TDI, a 2013 JSW 6MT, handles well, is comfortable, has plenty of...
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    Diesel Saves us Money? What?

    The last 'merican car I owned was a '98 2.0 DOHC Dodge Neon. It was a simple, stripped-down car with no polish, but it was a hoot to drive. The lightweight and simplicity of the car made it easy to work on. In the 70,000 miles I had it, I averaged 30mpg and had zero issues. Wish I could say the...
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    06 NB TDI gets 31mpg avg

    Is that +1.5kW or -1.5kW ? Good thread here:
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    Diesel Saves us Money? What?

    Oilhammer, I agree that if one really wanted to spend just $20k on a Sportwagen, the Jetta S Sportwagen 5-spd manual with 16" wheels is the way to go. Ignoring the options and resale value, it would be difficult to make up the $5k the TDI costs over the base S in fuel costs alone. Heck, the...
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    Better than expected mileage in 2013 JSW 6MT

    Congrats ! It's a great car. I also stalled a few times the first week or two I had it. The new/different clutch took a little while to get used to. However, I love it on uphills - the best clutch of any car I've had. It's far better than my 2006 and even better than my beloved 2002.
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    Put new wheels on. OZ Ultraleggaras

    Width numbers alone : 225 vs 205 OEM But, that's just on paper. On the ground, I'm guessing the lower profile 45 series vs. 55 OEM will cause an even higher percentage of the width to stay on the pavement. Great for grip, but not so great for rolling resistance.
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    '13 TDI Wagon - Poor MPG - 10 mpg less than avg

    Is it 6MT or DSG ? Also, A/C on or A/C off ? 36mpg @ 70-75mph w/DSG and A/C sounds about right.
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    I had to laugh

    The SkyActiv is indeed closer, yes. It looks to be roughly on par with the Jetta in terms of features, comfort, handling, etc.,. However, "the new 2.0-liter Skyactiv engine produces 155 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque" "It starts at $19,495 for the manual sedan, plus another $850 for...
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    JSW tdi 6spd vs Passat tdi 6spd

    I hope they use the Passat exhaust system in the next JSW and Golf. I'm guessing/assuming/hoping the North American Passat has it now since it is a newer platform and that it points towards the future. The 2013 JSW is still an MKV, i.e. older platform. Anyone know what the 2014 and 2015 Golf...